Sunday, 5 February 2017


I was recently invited for a night of cocktails and cabaret with Social and Cocktail, a company offering cocktail making classes for birthdays, hen parties, engagements, housewarmings and more. Long time readers might recognise the name Social and Cocktail from this blog post that I shared a few years ago when the Social and Cocktail team visited my apartment and served cocktails to my guests all night long from their well stocked bar. The cocktails were fantastic (I still talk about their Toblerone Martini to anyone who will listen!) and I was excited to see what they'd come up with for their new 2017 Cocktail Menu.

Their venue of choice was The Riding Room, a cabaret bar situated in Glasgow's Merchant City. I'd visited The Riding Room with friends before and enjoyed a few of their quirky cocktails (served from an old silver kettle no less!) and knew it would be the perfect venue for the night ahead.

There were performances from three acts to keep us entertained while the Social and Cocktail team worked hard behind the bar mixing up our drinks. We were treated to some pinup cabaret from the talented Alana Wilson and some very unexpected burlesque from Kim Khaos and Tom Harlow. I'd never watched burlesque before and both acts were incredible in their own way.

Although I did blush a little at some parts, especially as we were seated directly infront of the stage!

The menu:
Disco Drumstick
Blueberry Sour
Pomegranate Mojito
Strawberry & Vanilla Daiquiri
Strawberry Woo Woo

As I had anticipated, the cocktails did not disappoint. Between the two of us, we tried every cocktail on the menu and loved the Pomegranate Mojito so much that we went back for more... more than once! It was the perfect mixed of sweet and tarte and very easy to drink. My other favourite was the Disco Drumstick. Being a lover of all things sweet, this was the first cocktail I tried on the night and it tasted exactly like my childhood favourite Drumstick lolly. They even served a large Drumstick lolly in the drink, perfect to swirl around the cocktail and infuse it with even more flavour.

We had a brilliant night, and I'm already thinking of an excuse to throw a party and invite the Social and Cocktail team back to my apartment!

Social and Cocktail


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