Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Chocolate peanut butter protein balls

I'm a big fan of Bounce Energy Balls as quick pre or post work out snack to give me a quick boost of energy but at almost £2 each it's not feasible to eat as many of them as I'd like to! I'd seen recipes for these protein balls all over Pinterest and thought I'd give them a try myself to try and replicate Bounce Balls.

The end result is a delicious soft, chewy peanut flavoured treat with a little bit of crunch. They taste so good that I could happily eat them all day but thankfully the strong peanut taste and slightly dry texture makes them filling and satisfying enough not to over indulge. I love these the most as a reward after my work out and they taste great washed down with a cup of tea or even a protein shake.


1 cup of oats 1 cup of Meridian peanut butter
1 scoop of protein powder*
1 teaspoon of Vanilla extract A few tablespoons of water
* I used MyProtein Chocolate Peanut Butter flavoured whey protein but other flavours such as chocolate or vanilla would work just as well in this recipe. If you're using unflavoured protein then be sure to add some sweetener or honey.


001. Put the oats, protein powder and peanut butter into a bowl and mix together. It's quicker and easier if you use your hands so get stuck in and worry about your messy fingers later!

002. Mix in the vanilla extract. At this point try and roll your mixture into a ball - if it's too crumbly to stick together (different peanut butter brands create different consistencies) add a tablespoon of water at a time and combine until the mixture creates firm balls with no cracks (errr...) in them.

003. This step is optional but I rolled my protein balls in some dessicated coconut for a bit of extra flavour. It also made them look prettier!

004. Refrigerate for 20 minutes before eating and if you have any left overs keep them stored in the refrigerator at all times.



  1. Been waiting for this post since you Instagramed them! Can't wait to try these out.
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  2. I make these little treats regularly - they are so delicious! Mixing 1-2tbsp chia seeds in makes them even more filling and interesting in texture. Other small nuts and seeds work well too! Yummy!


  3. I really need to make some more of these! They are so good! I used unflavoured protein and found I didn't need any honey/sweetner - they were just right :) I made some choc nut protein truffles the other day too - also yummy! xx

  4. SO SO excited to try these!I too have similar pinned and keep meaning to make them! I've also seen ones including dates in, i think that'd work great too! xx

  5. 0_0 oh my god. These look amazing! Also love your photographs :)

    Sam | Tiny Paint Pot xx

  6. These look so delish, would be the perfect guilt free snack before the gym!

    She Goes Wear - Lifestyle Blog


  7. These look delicious! Thanks for sharing :) x

    Under Blue Lights

  8. I have all of these ingredients, so I'm totally going to give this a go. Thanks!