Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Garnier body ultimate beauty oil


My skin has been easily irritated lately and my usual go-to cream moisturisers have been leaving my legs sore and itchy so on a recent trip to Boots I decided to try this Garnier oil which is a bit different from the usual moisturiser. It contains four oils - argan, macadamia, almond and rose - each known for their nourishing qualities so I had high hopes that this would transform my legs from their sorry state to being Summer ready.

On first use I was in love with the product and my skin was left feeling super soft with a noticeably healthy glow. The oil is just the right consistency to make my skin feel nourished whilst drying in quickly enough to avoid the annoying 10 minute wait to put on your clothes that you get with some moisturisers. My legs are no longer dry and sore, and the dewy glow and softness left by the oil lasts for a few days which I love, as I'm too lazy to be the sort of person who moisturises daily!

My only complaint about the product is the bottle. Sure, it looks pretty but the shape is the most awkward thing to hold when your hands are oily and I find it constantly slips out of my hand. It's also, again, awkward to spray some parts of your body as it doesn't doesn't fit comfortably in my hand. It does put me off repurchasing it as it's pretty annoying to use. I feel like a pump dispenser or even a squeezy bottle would work so much better.



  1. I can completely imagine the annoyance at the bottle shape, I have a hair oil that is a similar shape and whilst it is a pump, it is still slightly difficult to use.
    I guess from a marketing point of view, they have tried to make it look like a drop of oil, but to an inconvenient end!!
    Pleased to hear it moisturises well though. :)
    JS xx


  2. This looks great, I'm so into 'oils' at the moment - I have a couple from Fushi Wellbeing that are well worth checking out, their Argan Oil is great for hair and skin. That bottle would be a nightmare with oily hands, I am constantly throwing my bottle of Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse around the room because the lid always slips out of my hands, I'm surprised I haven't smashed it yet! xo

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