Tuesday, 29 April 2014

2.5 stone, gone

The last progress update I posted was in December, when I hit my 2 stone loss mark, and since then things have been a little bit quiet over here. I lost my motivation for a while, as after Christmas it felt impossible to lose weight. I only gained 1lb over the festive period (no, I don't know how I managed it either!), which was easy enough to lose but in the past 4 months I feel like I've lost hardly any weight in comparision to this time 6 months ago. However this week I lost 2lbs, taking me just over a total loss of 2.5 stone - over 20% of my original body weight!

It wasn't easy losing those further 8lbs though. Where it was easy to lose 2lbs in a week previously, I now struggle to see the scales moving by even a half pound per week - so I was surprised that they dropped by 2lbs this week! Infact, I've remained the same weight, to the exact half pound, for almost 2 months now. And this got to me, it made me question my diet (which is still healthy), I stripped things back to strict meal plans with no treats or cheat meals, I upped my exercise and still nothing, nada, no weightloss.

And then I noticed it... My biceps have grown, my dreaded bingo wings are almost gone, my quads are rock solid, my stomach is definitely a hell of a lot flatter and I have shoulder definition. I might not have lost many pounds in the past few months, but my body is definitely changing in many positive ways. So I've put it down to muscle gain, which sounds weird to me as I'm not muscley and I'm definitely not as toned as I'd like but it's growing under there somewhere.

I can feel myself getting stronger as my personal trainer works on my strength more and week by week I'm lifting heavier weights and feeling definite progress. I feel much fitter when it comes to cardio - running for trains no longer leaves me a sweaty mess and the amount of time I can manage on the Versa Climber (my new favourite cardio equipment in the gym) goes up with each session.

I feel like my focus has to change from weight, so that I stop feeling constantly disappointed when the scales don't change, to measuring my strength in terms of performance and taking measurements to track inch loss or even just simply looking in the mirror and and judging my progress. I never had a goal weight to start with so it makes a lot of sense to stop focusing on the numbers so much.

It just goes to show that improving your body and getting leaner definitely doesn't revolve around a scale so if you feel like you're stuck on a plateau with weightloss then take a step off the scales and take a long hard look in the mirror instead. Numbers aren't everything!



  1. Great post, Charlene! I think a lot of us tend to focus on numbers way too much - it's so easy to let them be the thing that spurs you on, seeing that number decrease. Really, it's more about how you FEEL and LOOK. I was roughly 4lb lighter this time last year, but my boyfriend insists I'm more toned and defined than I was last Summer. I keep meaning to take progress shots, but they scare me a bit, haha. A 2.5 loss is AMAZING! You have lost it gradually, which is the best way as you will keep it off and maintain it :) I lost 2.5 stone about 3 years ago now and other than the odd tiny gain here and there, have not suffered a relapse at all. Slowly and gradually is best. Huge well done to you!! xxx

  2. Totally agree- i think weight is a lot easier to lose when you have a lot to shift but after that it is a slow process not worth focusing on and instead change your shape and use that for motivation. You look incredible woman and sound so strong and fit which is so amazing- well done! xxxx

  3. Well done, I've been following your progress and think you are doing so well!
    I have to admit I've been feeling so sad lately with the lack of change when it comes to my weight loss. At one point I'd lost about 3st and since then I feel as though my body shape is changing but I'm not sure I like it. I'm not losing any more weight and if anything I'm probably putting more on and I hate it, even though it's down to muscle etc.

  4. You have done amazing to lose 2.5 stone, it's really not easy at all! :) You're right though, I get really tough on myself about what the scales say, but forget to take measurements/the fit of clothes into account too.
    emmerliejay x

  5. could you please do a post on how you lost the 2 stone? ive been exercising for 4 months now and i feel like ive put weight on x

  6. Well done! At this stage you have to start to think about the way you looks rather than the numbers. I weigh more than when I came home from Uni - by bout albs - but still fit into all my clothes and am a lot more muscular now! Thighs are solid and I can feel some real definition in my abs. Just keep going! xx

  7. Wow, well love love this is amazing! xx

  8. Well done Charlene, you're such an inspiration! You limbs look toned & your stomach is so flat! It definitely gets harder to lose weight when you reach a certain point. My weight loss has been pretty non-existent lately but I can feel my arm muscles more so hopefully they're toning up a bit. I'm going to really push myself next month. I'd love to read more about your gym routine or the food you've been eating lately xx

  9. Well done! You look fantastic! One of the best tips I've heard is to take measurements, and notice things like the fit of your clothes or the hole you use on your belt, as well as weighing yourself, as sometimes you can lose inches without losing pounds, and you get something else to get you through when the scales aren't shifting and you feel demotivated.

  10. awesome job! you look great :)
    i would love to see a post about your healthy eating and exercise regime! x


  11. great post!! im trying to lose at least a stone for my wedding and i love food so much its hard ha! xx


  12. Your arms look amazing; well done!

  13. This is a fab post, well done for losing the weight you wanted to.

    I don't know why so many ladies are scared of using weights, I think some muscle definition makes your skin and body shape look better, and will keep us looking younger in years to come! I don't even go on the scales anymore; I'm really only interested in reducing any excess body fat, not weight.

    Your arms show SUCH a difference - massive inspiration!

    Dayner x // mozzypop.blogspot.co.uk

  14. Great post ! while I was dieting I was constantly going on the scales and checking my weight and it made me so disappointed when the numbers didn't change and I would just binge or give up which was an absolutely horrible cycle to be in.