Monday, 14 October 2013

nike free 5.0 liberty

Ahhh, can we all just take a minute to appreciate how amazing my new gym trainers are? When I first started going to the gym I bought myself a pair of cheap, ugly trainers (y'know, just incase I never went back..) but they weren't the comfiest, didn't support my feet well and I felt it was about time for an upgrade and as someone who solely wears Nike to work out in, there was only one solution.
I love that these are so bright and in your face, and I love even more that they're not pink! Why are almost all female trainers and gym wear pink?! But being sports trainers it's not all about how they look, is it? These are hands down the comfiest trainers I've owned. I did have a slight panic when they felt too small and narrow when I first put them on, as they size above my usual size 5 had sold out, but after wearing them around the house for a few days the fit is perfect. I love how flexible they are when I'm both walking and running, and that they're so lightweight whilst still giving me enough support.
The £80 price tag - for gym trainers - is something that had put me off buying a pair previously (and I'm so grateful to Zalando for this opportunity), but now that I've felt how comfortable they are I'd definitely replace them myself.
What are your favourite trainers for working out in? Have you got the Nike bug?



  1. Absolutely love these! They are so pretty, and I love the bright colours. I gym in a pair of Asics, which I bought for £40 about 3/4 years ago..! Yes, they've lasted me really well! xx

  2. THESE ARE AMAZING, want some! And yes I hate the masses of pink, I look like a right knob!

  3. These are AMAZING - I don't know if could bring myself to work out in them! Gorgeous xo

  4. So pretty! I love the colors. My trainers are an old Adidas pair and they are just white and blue. I've had them for too long... way before the colored trainer shoe crazy came through and now I really want a colorful pair!


  5. God, those are stunning. I have a pair of Nike x Liberty Wedges and they are the same kind of pixel-y print. So cute!

  6. Ooh these are so pretty! I run in Asics Gel Nimbus 12s - not very pretty but great for my feet. I've promised myself a new pair of running trainers once I complete my first 10k in November - and these are a definite contender! Are they mainly for the gym or are they a decent running trainer too? xo

  7. They are amazing, they'd actually make me want to go to the gym!

    Tweet Tweet xx

  8. I have a pair of Frees (don't hate me, they have an orange-y pink accent) and love them. I cycle in mine, and the lightweight is just perfection, plus I love feeling the air whoosh through them when I'm getting some serious speed up- just me.... oops.

    Also, totally feel you on the pink issue. Getting women's cycle gear is a bloody nightmare, and pretty much everything I have found has pink OR is ridiculously expensive just because it's gender specific. Ahem. Rant over. Loving your Free's, and your Gym posts/attitude.

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