Monday, 9 September 2013

life lately #7

Oops, I seem to have done my disappearing trick once again! For the past few months I've just been so consumed with fitness and diet, that I haven't had much else to talk about! Gone are the days where I'm spending every penny on beauty products or the latest cat print dress from Topshop - I'm now spending more money in Sports Direct, gym memberships, and personal training sessions. It's all worth it though, as I've now lost my first stone!

Life hasn't been as boring as I've made it sound above, I've had visits from family, celebrated my 24th birthday (by breaking my 10+ years of vegetarianism by eating fish, no less), had a party in my flat which has been described as an episode of Skins, only without the drugs, and watched far too many seasons of TV shows - Dexter, Breaking Bad (I'm only on season 2 - no spoilers!) and Orange is the New Black are my current addictions!



  1. I'm loving Dexter too! :) I've just started season 7. It's SO GOOD!
    Keep up the good work on the fitness! :D Loving your inspirational instagram and twitter posts! xx

  2. Congratulations on loosing your first stone, that's fab! I'm desperate to get back into being fit and healthy again but just can't seem to find the motivation right now, oh and happy belated birthday! x

    The Little Things

  3. I'm glad you watch Dexter and Breaking Bad. Such addictive series! Debra Morgan is the best, seriously, isn't she?
    That pic of you with your cat is just beautiful! And oh my, a hedgehog awwwwwwwww!!!

  4. I love all three of those tv series! Can't wait for the next season of orange is the new black! Such an original show :)

    Congrats on losing your first stone! It must feel so good to start seeing a difference!

    The Little Antlers
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  5. I've been just as bad with blogging! Actually I've fallen out of synch with most things lately - the gym being a big one, need to get myself back on track ASAP.
    Congrats on losing your first stone! I need to loose about 3-4 stone to get to my ideal weight and you've spurred me on a bit with how well you are doing. Once these night shifts are out of the way I will get back down the gym :-)

  6. congratulations on loosing a stone, such a massive achievement! i've recently brought insanity, hoping to get abs of steel soon haha. dexter and breaking bad are my favourite tv shows ever, you will love the rest of the series! xx

    Katie-Louise | 

  7. That must have been a successful party to have been described that way - well done! ;-)x

  8. Congrats on the loss, know you have been working hard for it :)

  9. I love these posts, a quick snap shot of the week, happy birthday.
    Little Blonde Life

  10. Nice photos !