Monday, 5 August 2013

white water rafting

I've always had a bit of a secret adrenaline junkie urge (although I've never actually got around to doing anything about it!) and bungee jumping and skydiving have been on my mind for years. However, a few weeks ago my uncle invited me to take part in a sponsored white water rafting experience as they had a few spare places, and I said yes in an instant!

Despite, ummm, not being able to swim much and being terrified of being in any sort of open water (or, infact a swimming pool *gulp*) I was looking forward to it. I was possibly a little bit nervous too. Ok, very nervous.

We drove to Nae Limits in Perthshire where the guys talked us through the day, got us all suited up (wet suits are tight!) and took us out to the River Tummel where we would be rafting. My rafting experience didn't start too well as I fell out of the raft, which was barely moving, within 30 seconds of being on it - which is apparently the soonest anyone has ever fell in, oops!

This left me quite nervous and I stumbled through the first few minutes, making mistakes when trying to control the raft (who knew it was so difficult to remember your left from your right when nervous!) but soon felt a lot more relaxed.

The rapids varied in difficulty, with some being almost flat areas with lots of rocks to zig-zag through, some being drops with gushing water, with some calm water in-between to give the swimmers the chance for a quick dip! We got stuck between rocks a few times (and had to do a lot of bouncing and rocking to free ourselves) and got soaked and filled the raft with water more than once.

The final challenge was a huge drop over a 2 tier waterfall which you can see above - it looked absolutely terrifying. The water was travelling so fast, and the instructors warnings about sharp rocks and the danger of falling out the raft - which I had already done - resulting in possible broken backs or worse almost had me sitting it out.

However I done it, and it was AMAZING despite our drop not going to plan, resulting in us travelling down the waterfall backwards (see the pictures above! I'm second from the back, on the right, with my red oar!), flipping the raft and 2 of us falling out before the raft was completely submerged in the water. I felt a big pain at my jaw, which was an oar hitting me, before my whole body was under water for a few seconds. Absolutely terrifying. I held on with all my strength and much to my relief, I was still in the raft when we were carried out from under the waterfall. What an adrenaline rush!

I'm still collecting sponsors, and all money raised goes to The Kano Foundation, a volunteer group in Scotland which helps various childrens groups and charities. If you're able to donate even a small amount of money to help the cause, I'd really appreciate it (and maybe even sign up to do a Bungee Jump off a bridge next time!), here's my sponsor link if you feel like donating!

Have you ever been white water rafting or done anything similar?



  1. Thank you for this post, it was really interesting. I'm going white water rafting in Sri Lanka in September and am TERRIFIED! haha x

  2. I LOVE white water rafting! So jealous of you xo

  3. This looks so fun, I would love to do this one day! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  4. I've always wanted to try this but it looks absolutely terrifying! I'm glad you overcame your fears and did it though! x

  5. Ahh, this is something I've always wanted to do too, looks such good fun but terrifying as well!

  6. Ah this looks absolutely amazing. Kudos to you! I'd be scared enough doing this and I'm a good swimmer.

    Water Painted Dreams

  7. Oh Em Gee that looks incredible! It's on my bucket list!

  8. ah i love white water rafting! it's so fun. (ps raft guides used to take people backwards on purpose and pretend it wasn't planned ;) ) xxx

  9. Hey lovely, great post and great blog!

    These pictures look terrifying and incredible at the same time - looks amazing fun too!

    Now following! :)

    Please check out my blog if you can! xoxo

  10. I've always been curious about trying this but thought I'd have to be a good swimmer. Thanks to your post I will now look into organising this :)

  11. I've done this before in South Africa and it was soooo much fun :)

    x Natalie