Friday, 17 May 2013

whole foods giffnock

Confession time. Do you remember I posted about having dinner with Nick Nairn earlier this week, and told you how stuffed I was after all that food? Well, after dinner Dawn and I headed straight to a bloggers event held at the Whole Foods store in Giffnock for yet more food. I think my diet definitely went out the window that day!

I had never been to a Whole Foods store before, and was amazed at how big it was and how much they stocked. If I'm honest, I thought it would be mostly whacky health foods, but it sold everything from vegetables, to fresh fish, to beauty products and even had an impressive bakery which I can only describe as a carby heaven, bursting with so many different types of bread. They even make a gigantic sandwich with different topping each day, and cut it up to serve throughout the day, mmm!

After a tour of the store were treated to a banquet of different foods - from smoothies, to pies, carrot cake and we even made our own fresh guacamole to eat with the stores very own freshly made tortilla chips! YUM! I discovered the new love of my life - coconut oil - and since then haven't stopped eating it.

Whole Foods is quite far away for me to do my weekly shop there, but everything looked so fresh and delicious that I'm sure I'll be visiting again in the near future. I don't think any future dinner parties would be complete without some freshly baked bread or some of those delicious patisserie cakes!

Have you ever been to a Whole Foods store, or were you liked me and had a picture of purely health foods? If your're in the Glasgow area you can get information and directions to the Giffnock store here - it's definitely worth a visit!



  1. Wish I had something like this near me! It looks yummy!!Xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion Blog

  2. Looks so lovely! Hope you had a lovely time at the event! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  3. I quite like the Giffnock store, but I think they're a little bit overhyped to be honest. Some of the stuff really isn't worth the price of it once you've tasted it in my opinion xx

    D Is For...

  4. I definitely want to go! The beauty products look great x

  5. Youve made me really want to go to a Whole Foods now. I think my nearest one is London!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  6. This looks so good, that bread is huge!

  7. I've always loved the sound/look of Whole Foods shops, so jealous you have one relatively near you - my nearest one is London, boohoo! xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  8. thanks Charlene.. this post has now made me very hungry for crusty bread :| ... if your photo's weren't so lovely I wouldn't be so hungry right now! Lisette Loves xx

  9. This looks like the best shop!! You're so lucky to have one so close!
    Kathryn | KathrynMay

  10. I do love a wander round the Giffnock Whole Foods but on the whole I find it hugely over priced, which is a shame, 90% of the stuff you can get elsewhere for a fraction of the cost. I do still like to go in and have a browse ocasionally though.

  11. Wow, it actually looks so lovely. I have never seen one of these stores ever before, but I wish there was something more like this where I live. I always love looking around beauty aisles of stores that may stock some alternative brands.

    Victoria | In the Frow xx

  12. This looks great! I especially love that gigantic sandwich, haha :) and everything looks really fresh and nice!

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