Tuesday, 14 May 2013

happy ending

001. topshop alphabet tank dress | 002. tesco eiffel tower lamp | 003. new look tribal print dress |
004. & other stories couture carnival hand wash | 005. & other stories lemon daydream body scrub |
006. river island cat print skirt

001. I love the simple print on this topshop alphabet tank dress, and I've been really drawn to greys lately for some reason. I'm not too sure on the shape or cut of this dress though - it's going to have to be one of those ones to hunt down in store and try it on first!

002. Oh my goodness. This Tesco eiffel tower lamp was in one of my Grans magazines a few months back, but I couldn't find it online. Literally in the space of a few days I spotted it online, decided to wait until pay day, and saw it become unavailable. I'm now crossing all my fingers and toes that they become available again!

003. I usually walk around New Look from one of the shop, to the other and back out the door but I've been loving their website lately, as they have lots of nice dresses like this tribal print dress for such good prices. This one is only £12.99!

005. Juicy strawberry, raspberry and guava scented hand wash, mmmm. I'm currently using up a Soap and Glory hand wash, but as soon as that's finished I'll be seeing what all the fuss about & Other Stories is about and trying this couture carnival hand wash.

006. I might have ditched my Lush bath bombs after becoming a shower convert, but one thing I've been loving is body scrubs! I can almost smell this lemon and grapefruit scented body scrub in my mind, and think it would be perfect at waking me up in the morning!

007. It wouldn't be a Dainty Dresses wishlist without a cat item, would it? This river island cat print skirt has been on my radar for a while now, although that 'poly fabric' material puts me off a bit! Has anyone got it?



  1. I have the cat skirt and love it! I've not had any issues with the fabric yet, but do tend to be quite careful with it because it is soooo pretty x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  2. That skirt is so amazing! x

  3. I've got this cat skirt and I love it! You should totally get it! xx


  4. The cat print skirt is absolutely gorgeous!xxx

  5. That cat skirt is so perfect.
    I love the Eiffel tower lamp, too!


  6. The effiel tower lamp is unbelievable! I love it! X

  7. Love the skirt, such pretty things! xxx
    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  8. I had the skirt - took it back! The wa it sat was so weird it has this little belt with it and the stretch fabric around the back just sat soo weird :( maybe it was just my body but the print was ADORABLE! xx

  9. I have a skirt, and not had a problem with it at all! I love it! It's so pretty! xx

  10. Oh my! The cat print skirt is amazing! xx

  11. I need this skirt in my life

  12. Oh that river island skirt is adorable! I love &OtherStories atm too x

  13. That cat print skirt has my name allllll over it! x

  14. I have the cat print skirt. I know exactly what you mean about the fabric, but the print was just too cute to pass on. x

  15. I really want to try & Other Stories body scrubs, they look so good! x


  16. love the cat print skirt, will be getting that for myself...soo cute! x


  17. Ya .. that's cool... I really love the one with the cat print..
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    Thanks for this post

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