Tuesday, 30 April 2013

the search for the perfect foundation

After the announcement that Doublewear in 'Shell' - what I thought was the perfect foundation for me - was discontinued I went into a panic induced quest to find the perfect replacement foundation. I took to Twitter for recommendations and stalked the beauty counters for samples, made a few pressurised purchases (please tell me I'm not the only one?) from pushy sales assistants and narrowed it down to a few strong contenders.

...Right in time for Doublewear in 'Shell' arriving back on the shelves! Regardless, the search was worthwhile and I've discovered a few amazing foundations (and a few bad ones, but we won't mention those!) that give Doublewear a run for its money. Here's my top 3 picks!

I think this might be the best foundation I tried, and I've been using it daily since buying it. It comes in a good range of shades and is so easy to blend. It delivers a similar coverage to Doublewear, only feels a lot lighter on your skin and looks much more natural and not as cakey. The staying power is impressive too, surviving a 12 hour shift without the need for touch ups and not leaving my skin looking dry or patchy by the end of the day.

I'd skimmed past any reviews of this foundation as 'naked' is not something I look for in a foundation. I need good coverage, and that's the last thing I expected of this. The girl at the Urban Decay counter had flawless skin and after a quick chat about the optical blurring technology within the foundation, which blurs your imperfections, I was matched up and given a sample to take away. This is probably the best matched foundation I have tried, and I'm really impressed with the buildable coverage. It evens out my skin tone perfectly and gives my skin a really flawless finish. My only complaint is that the staying power isn't the greatest. It would be great for a night out as it doesn't contain any SPF which gives the dreaded ghost-face in photos, but doesn't live up to my (admittedly tough) expectations of lasting a 12hr shift.

Nars Sheer Glow was the first foundation I tried, and after having it applied in Space NK I thought I'd solved my foundation issues within minutes. Well, until I got home and realised that what looked like a perfect match, infact made me look a little too orange. Unfortunately I don't have a 'perfect match' in this foundation, but I loved the glow it gave me, and that it gave enough coverage to hide my blemish scarring and redness whilst still giving a natural finish.

If you love Doublewear but find it a bit too heavy and/or drying then I definitely recommend sampling all three of these. I did, and I realised there's a whole lot of great foundations outside my comfort zone of that little glass bottle and gold lid - and you probably don't really need that much coverage every day anyway!



  1. It's hard to find good foundations for my skin too, my mom usually buys brands from the carribean since they tend to have a wider range of foundation colors than the U.S. does.

  2. I find shopping for foundation to be the makeup equivalent of shopping for a bikini. I've been absolutely LOVING Revlon Nearly Naked recently, it really works wonder for my skintone!

  3. Revlon's Nearly Naked in Ivory is the palest foundation I've found that matches my skin tone. It's got great coverage but I usually stick to sheer foundations as they don't dry my skin out so much... Have yet to find a sheer foundation that is light enough yet though :(

  4. I've been on the hunt for a new foundation, as my once-pale-enough foundations now seem too dark. Loving the look of these, I'll definitely have to check them out! : ) xx

  5. I really need to find a nice photo, I can never find one that looks even remotely natural! xxx

    Maddy from http://unstitchedd.blogspot.co.uk/

  6. I am forever on the hunt for a perfect foundation, having pale but yellow toned skin makes it so hard :( xx

  7. Dying to try that NARS one.. I have it but I have heard so many good/bad things about it that I am nervous!


  8. Foundation is such a tricky thing for me to find as well! I've got a strange shade of skin, I guess. :(

    xoxo, Camille

  9. Dior's Skin Forever Foundation is another amazing foundation...it's their version of Double Wear but not as heavy! :) xx

    Sarah @ sarahlouxo.com xx

  10. The Dior one sounds great, I've always been put off by doublewear being too heavy and cakey, looks like you found an even better alternative!! I'd love to find my perfect foundation and then know I could stick to it, I'm having a little foundation trial on my blog at the moment to try and find that, if you were interested, it's an ongoing thing :)
    Eleanor x


  11. I tried the Lancome Le Teint 24hr after what I thought was the death of Shell. Found it too dark for me though. And unfortunately all the Estee Lauder counters I visit have not received any Shell yet, have you actually got hold of a bottle?!

  12. I am a die hard fan of the Lancome Teint Idole :)

    Might be worth checking out some of the Armani ones? They are incredible on most people


  13. YAYYYYY TEINT IDOLE ULTRA - I am mega proud ;)