Friday, 12 April 2013

shell is back!

estee lauder double wear foundation in 'shell'

It's felt like forever since I posted back in October after finding out my favourite foundation, Doublewear in 'shell' had been discontinued. I know a lot of people commented that they were upset about it being discontinued, and although they soon after announced that they would be bringing the shade back, if you're like me you probably went into a mass foundation sample gathering frenzy to find a good enough alternative to use until it was available again!

Well, I have some good news - it's back!

That's right, as of this week Doublewear in 'shell' is available from The Estee Lauder website. It's still out of stock on the Boots and Debenhams websites at the moment, but it should be available at your local counters!

I've found some great alternative foundations in the time I've went without Doublewear - post coming shortly! - and might actually have a new favourite foundation (I'm embracing lighter coverage at the moment!) but I'll definitely be re-purchasing a bottle for those days where I need some extra coverage!



  1. yay brilliant news! i'm the same, theres a few nice alternatives i've found but i'll definitely be stocking up on this too xx

  2. Bloody 'ell, my old bottle only just ran out and I have shelled out (excuse the pun) for Bobbi Brown instead and embracing the lighter coverage too. Will be interesting to see what others you've found are good.

  3. I'd love to try the Double Wear foundation! Been wanting to venture into higher-end foundations for a while now! x

  4. Great to hear it's back! I never used it myself but people were always so upset about it. x
    Amy |

  5. This news has made my night! I have missed this foundation silly amounts! xx

  6. I had no idea this had been discontinued! I'm nearly at the bottom of my bottle and I was thinking I could just replace it! x

  7. I can't wait for the post on alternatives! I'm tempted to give double wear a go

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  8. I recently bought my first bottle of double wear and am not a very happy bunny! I really like the foundation itself, the coverage is great and it lasts for aaaages! However, when I bought it, the Estee Lauder beauty assistant lady tested my skin with a certain shade (on my jaw line as you are supposed to) and insisted that was the one I should go for. I was dubious as I usually wear the lightest shade most brands do! However, I thought that she must know what she's talking about and bought it. I LOOK LIKE I'M WEARING AN ORANGE MASK! And now I can't afford more until next payday! :( gaaaaaah!

    Will definitely be asking for this one next time! xx

  9. soo happy that this is back :)

  10. This looks like an amazing foundation! Id never have enough money for it though :( Do you know any cheaper versions? :) I really love your blog! :D
    Sofia x