Monday, 22 April 2013

printic - instagram snaps!

printic photo prints* (approx 70p per print)

Last month we bought my Gran a digital photo-frame for her birthday and spent an entire evening scanning and sorting through the thousands (literally!) of photos from my Gran when she was a child and our entire family, up until recent times. I couldn't help but notice a shortage of photos over the past couple of years, and realised that now that we've went digital no one seems to print photos anymore. Which is a shame, because flicking through your camera roll on your iPad or clicking through a Facebook album just doesn't feel as special as having an old suitcase full to the brim of photos with hand written annotations on the back.

Of course there are many photo printing websites out there, but importing your photos from your phone and then uploading them to the website from your computer to order prints seems like such an effort and this is where a new French company, Printic, comes in useful.

What I like most about Printic is how effortless it is. Simply download the app to your phone (available on the Apple app store, and coming very soon on Android!) and simply select photos directly from your camera roll, or from Instagram, edit them and add an optional message and within a few clicks they're ordered - with free postage, even better! - and on your door step within a few days. And they're great quality too!

I don't usually post videos from brands on my blog, but this short video from Printic sums the app up perfectly, and left me with a smile on my face and future plans to surprise my loved ones with lots of little orange envelopes full of photos in the hopes that, like my Gran, they'll have an entire suitcase of memories to look back on in the future and smile.



  1. Great idea, I'm going to download the app!

  2. I love your snaps, your cat is soooo cute! xxx

    Maddy from

  3. Now this sounds like a good idea - I never print photos any more, which I totally agree with you is a shame - my parents have boxes and boxes from when they / we were little in their attic, then a few years ago, nothing.

  4. I've heard about Printic ~ excellent idea! Your cat is so cute :)

    Robyn ~ The Chic Image xox

  5. I do kinda miss the excitement of taking in a disposable camera and then the anticipation waiting for them to be developed so you can see what your photos have turned out like!

    I think this is a great idea, i havent heard of this company before so I will have to check them out!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  6. awww such gorgeous photographs :D xx


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