Monday, 28 January 2013

ghd air

ghd air hair dryer: ghd* (£99)

I've never really cared about what type of hair dryer I've used before. I've broken so many from over-heating or broken cables due to carelessness that I tend to pick whichever one is on offer with the highest wattage. So when I was generously offered a GHD Air to review I couldn't wait to find out if high end hair dryers are worth the money.

The first thing I noticed about the GHD Air was how good it felt in my hands. It was just the right weight and shape and didn't give me a sore arm whilst drying my long hair like other dryers have. It also has a 3 metre cable which I was so happy with, as so many of my old hair dryers barely had 1 metre of cable and drying hair could become very awkward! For ease of use and comfort, this is hands down the best hair dryer I have used.

I found the two heat controls just right as I like a cooler one for my fringe (so that I don't burn my forehead, ha!) and a hotter one for the rest of my hair. Unlike other dryers the hottest temperature didn't burn my scalp either which is always good! Although it's extremely quiet for a hair dryer, it really packs a punch when it comes to how quickly it dries hair. I noticed a big difference in how much time I save in the mornings!

The GHD Air dryer claims that it 'doesn’t just dry your hair, but uses advanced ionic technology to lock in moisture for softer, shinier results that last for longer, with far less frizzing and I would definitely agree. My hair isn't frizzy anyway, but it has definitely looked a lot sleeker and shinier since I started using it in December. I'm not in the slightest bit skilled at blowdrying hair either - a quick blast on the roots and then flipping my head upside down does the job, and yet I've still noticed an improvement.

Now the question you're dying to know, would I spend £99 on a hair dryer? Is a high end hair dryer really worth it? I would say that yes, it's worth it. I'm the laziest when it comes to blowdrying and the GHD Air makes getting good results effortless. It's fast, it's comfortable to hold and it doesn't dry out my hair. I definitely notice a difference in quality between this and other, cheaper, dryers that I have used. But could I justify spending as much as £99 on it? I'm not so sure!

What do you think? Does the thought of spending this much money on a hair styling product make you feel guilty, or are your GHD stylers a must have?



  1. I've got two GHD hairdryers because initially I bought a limited edition travel set and when the straighteners broke they replaced the whole set for me for free! Even though they're travel size they're absolutely amazing and I actually find the smaller size much easier to control!! If you buy the hairdryer along with the straighteners it's quite could value (about £120?) as I agree £99 is quite a lot to spend on one hairdryer! GHD are SUCH a good company...any problems and they just send you a whole new item!!

    Lulu -elyouelyou xx

  2. I doubt I'd spend that much on a hairdryer but then again the GHD brand is so trusted, I recently got a pair of their newer straighteners and they are just so lovely to use! Maybe as a special treat if your hairdryer is on the blink you could totally justify it :D xx

  3. I'd definitely spend that amount if it lasted as long as my straighteners have!!Xx

  4. I've heard great things about ghd, I'd love to try their straighteners x

  5. I've heard so many good things about these hairdryers! Hope mine packs up soon so I can justify buying this one :P

    Rhiannon xxx

  6. Im the same when it comes to hairdryers, as long as it dries my hair im happy but this sounds so good :) I dont think i could justify spending that much on a hairdryer though!

    Beautiful Dreams

  7. I'm useless with blowdrying, I get so bored doing it and my hair just turns into a big fat frizzy mess. I don't know if I could part with the dollar for this though, although it does sounds wins


  8. i got it for £79 before christmas and I don't regret it at all... however if it'd have been £99 i might have taken a little longer to decide whether to buy it or not because it is a lot of money for a hairdryer... but on the same rule you know with GHD that you're getting quality!

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly Blog

  9. I really want to try this hairdryer, but at the moment mine isn't broken so not should I should replace it. I've had straightners for years and they have always lasted well. I might eventually bite the bullet!

  10. I just ordered these online for £79 and can not wait for them to arrive. I've been debating buying them for a few days but basing the purchase on my ghd straightners which I bought for £99 in 2007 and they're still going strong, it's got to be worth the money!

  11. Really want to ghd hairdryer!


  12. i need a new hairdryed might have to invest x

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