Thursday, 22 November 2012

nuage manuka honey

nuage manuka honey 48hr intensive face cream: £9.99*

Manuka Honey is well known for it's anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and healing properties, so as someone who suffers from a combination of acne and very dry skin, and not to mention loves the smell of honey, I couldn't wait to try this moisturiser.

The moisturiser contains Manukua Honey with a rating of 10+ UMF, which whilst it isn't a high rating, means that the honey contains an active ingredient and should deliver a slight anti-bacterial effect. It also contains Vitamin E and Shea butter, known for being really hydrating.

I loved this moisturiser from the minute I tried it. First of all, as someone who loves honey, I loved the smell and the way it lingers on my skin even after sinking in. It's very light and just the right consistency - not too thick, and not too runny - and sinks into your skin quickly leaving it feeling silky and hydrated for hours.

I wouldn't say this product lives up to it's claims of being a 48hr moisturiser. As I mentioned, my skin is very dry in some parts of my face, so this product alone doesn't keep those areas hydrated for that amount of time (I'd say it's more like 12 hours) but it makes a good light day time moisturiser as I like to use something heavier and more intense overnight.

I did see an improvement in my complexion. My blemishes are clearing up anyway thanks to some anti-biotics I'm taking, however I still had some stubborn red patches which are visibly reduced when using this moisturiser on a daily basis. My skin looks a lot more even and just feels lovely and soft when using this.

However as much as I liked it, I'm not sure I'd buy it myself as £9.99 for a small pot is twice as expensive as my usual day time moisturiser which does the same job.



  1. It sounds lovely. I still need to find the perfect mosturiser and I have to say this guy does sounds pretty good. You're right though maybe for overnight x

  2. this look great but the price doesn't! x

  3. looks fab!

  4. It sounds like a good night time or weekend moisturizer after a bit of a pamper :)

    The smell sounds too good to resist! xo

  5. Sound amazing and it's so affordable! :)


  6. Sounds incredible for its price range! And manuka honey is obv the next BIG thing!! Must try this out.

    BTW, followed your blog, sweetie!♥ it!
    The Misty Mom

  7. I bet this smells immense!! I want to buy it just to smell it. Sounds like a bargain :)

  8. I haven't heard of the product but I will definitely try it!
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  9. I like this product. Thank you very much.