Tuesday, 18 September 2012

chaophraya - thai tuesdays

When I was invited along to dinner at Chaophraya in Glasgow*, I jumped at the chance. Situated in the old Townhouse building just off Buchanan Street, Chaophraya is a an authentic thai restaurant offering an extensive menu full of fresh ingredients, exotic curries and delicious sharing platters. Set over four floors, the restaurant is beautifully decorated and feels very luxurious, however still maintains a relaxed atmosphere and is a great place to stop off after a day of shopping.

Chaophraya are currently offering a Thai Tuesday promotion (Dominos Two for Tuesday is so last year!) and for just £9.95 you can order a delicious Asia Platter for two also and receive two complimentary cocktails worth £7.50 each - what a bargain!

Unfortunately the Asia Platter was not suitable for vegetarians, nor did they have a vegetarian alternative as part of the Thai Tuesday promotion (which was a little bit disappointing!) so I wasn't able to comment on the platter itself. However my boyfriend was impressed, especially with the prawns, although he did mention that everything was quite sticky.

I ordered myself a tofu and pineapple curry (also well priced at £9.95) along with a portion of sticky rice. I really enjoyed it and it had just the perfect amount of heat without being too spicy! We managed to squeeze in a dessert too - selecting our waiter's recommendation of a Scottish-Thai fusion of deep fried coconut ice cream which was to die for (even if I did cut into it and cause it to explode and squirt ice cream all over myself and the floor, oops!), and a refreshing selection of mango, strawberry and vanilla sorbets.

Spending over two hours in the restaurant, we didn't feel rushed at all and really enjoyed our evening. Our waiter Edward was very attentive and friendly, taking the time to chat to us and make sure we were happy with our dishes.

We've both decided that we will definitely be eating at Chaophraya again. The exquisite decor and thai culture delivered a great experience and the prices don't break the bank either! If you're in Glasgow, this place is definitely worth visiting.



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  2. It all sounds lovely :) Making me hungry !!!!

  3. i've been so curious walking past this and i'm definitely going for dinner there now. sounds so lovely xox

  4. Nice :)

  5. Sounds like a good deal! :D Looks yummy.

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  6. THIS LOOK AMAAZZZINGGGG. I definitely need to visit Glasgow soon, my Grandma lives so close but I haven't been in years!

    http://www.danielleyc.com/ xx

  7. I saw this when it opened and keep walking past it, I really need to go in and try it! xx

  8. gonna drag the boy along here on a date night sometime soon! looks so good! xx

  9. Looks absolutely lovely!



  10. Oh i live in Glasgow area & i've never spotted this! I certainly need to try this out when i next head into town :)

    thanks for the review :)


  11. This is the old au natural, didn't realise it was a restaurant now! It all looks lush and so reasonable which is a bonus, I'll have to give it a try next time I am through! xxx

  12. I see website Photos then I feel that chaophraya is my favorite bar. I will be come surly with my friends in my birthday parties, enjoy this bar. Thanks for sharing information, good morning!

  13. Reading this just before lunchtime was a bad idea. Looks really good! x

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