Wednesday, 15 February 2012

leap frog

Leap Frog is another product from the Lush Valentines Day range, which I think is still available online and in stores for another few days.

He's scented with jasmine, sandalwood and rose and smells quite herby, and a little bit like grass (quite possibly the worst description ever!) - not usually the type of fragrance I'd pick up from Lush but I couldn't resist the cuteness. Right up until the moment I put this in the bath I still wasn't sure about the scent. I prefer sweet smells, and this didn't do it for me. However, once it started fizzing away in my bath I realised that the smell was actually really nice, very fresh and energising. It wasn't as strong as I expected, and whilst it left the room and my skin smelling of it, it wasn't too over powering.

There was also a cute little message inside, which I almost missed as it started disolving in the water! I'm going to stock up on a few more of these before they vanish from the shelves and maybe if I kiss one he might turn into my prince charming?


  1. Aww I love the LUSH products that come with a little surprise inside! (it amuses my inner toddler) I bought this so I'm glad you thought it was a good product :)

    As for kissing him, I wouldn't recommend it, I was once dared to lick the Sakura bath bomb... NOT nice...



  2. Haha love it, this is so cute!

  3. I used this last night and it was so lovely! Definitely going to pick up some more of the little fellas :)

  4. You got a marry me? NO FAIR. imagine if a boy bought it for his gf and she thought he meant it to be there....AWKWARD TURTLE. x

  5. You're always reminding me how much i love LUSH and miss it since we spent all our dollar on rent hah

  6. You are a lush-enabler! This looks very sweet x

  7. He's adorable - my boyfriend couldn't resist drawing all over himself with his gorgeous coco butter lips! Which was a little messy.
    P.s your very very very lucky to get the marry me message!

  8. I love Lush! This looks lovely x

  9. I bought a Leap Frog too, mine had a different note in though! :D xx