Friday, 9 December 2011

scottish bloggers meet

With just 12 days left until the first Scottish Bloggers Meet and Rani and I thought now would be a good time to update everyone on the plans!

We've decided to meet at 2pm in The Counting House which is right next to George Square, across the road from Queen Street Station and a nice central location with plenty of seats!

We'll give everyone a chance to arrive and get to know each other and then at about 3.30pm we can brave the cold and visit the Christmas Market, have a mulled wine and do a spot of shopping.

At around 6pm we're hoping to go for something to eat and then to a few bars. We're still looking for somewhere budget friendly, that doesn't require a deposit, to have dinner and we do need confirmed numbers in order to book a table. After this we'll be hitting the town for drinks. Tiki Bar is definitely on the agenda!

IMPORTANT: If you plan on having dinner with us you NEED to let us know you're coming no later than Tuesday so that we can book a table and reserve you a seat.

Please also let us know your name and blog address so that we can make everyone name badges!

RSVPs can be sent to

As we've said before, feel free to pop along later in the day if you've got work or other plans. Alternatively, if a group of drunk Scottish Bloggers isn't your scene then you can skip that part! ;)

You can also follow me and Rani on Twitter as we'll be tweeting throughout the day to keep you updated with the plans and where we're off to. We'll be using the hashtag #scottishbloggersmeet to keep track.


  1. So sad I can't make it - have work from 4 till 10 :( xx

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