Saturday, 22 October 2011


001. Green isn't usually a colour I'd pick (infact, I don't think I own one thing that's green!) but there's something about this playsuit that I love. I think it's the combination of the little tie detail, the buttons and the way I'd imagine it fitting. Probably not something I'd buy at £50 but I'd imagine there will be similar items in a few different shops that are priced a bit more reasonably!

002. These culottes from H&M look awful in the photo but I quite like the fit of them on the model. I probably wouldn't pair them with a jumper, most likely a vest top and a big cosy cardigan. I think I need to stop buying things in this colour. I love it so much, but it's getting to the point where I have nothing to pair my clothes with because everything's the same colour!

003. After the past few days I've realised that winter is here and that 40 denier tights are no longer suitable. I love these lovely thick tights but they're maternity wear... hopefully they will have them in regular fit too.

004. How cute are these gloves?! I bought the blue duffle coat from Topshop that I posted a few weeks back and think a deep red pair of gloves will match the red tartan lining really well. I do have a pair exactly like this, but they're cream. Maybe I can dye them!

005. I received a sample sized pot of this in a gift bag from the Zen Lifestyle event and it's the only moisturiser that has ever sorted out the dry skin on my nose. I've been savouring the tiny little pot by only using it on problem areas but it's coming to an end. As amazing as it is (and it is, trust me!) I'd struggle to part with £60 for moisturiser!

006. I've only just bought a pair of boots (the chelsea boots from River Island, which I LOVE) but I feel like there's a tan boot shaped gap in my wardrobe. I'd like a lace up pixie boot style, not quite sure if these are *it* or not yet but I like the fact that they're a bit more chunky and look more sturdy than a lot of the other ones I've seen around the shops.

P.S - If you head over to the Dainty Nails twitter page there's a little giveaway going on!


  1. ERRRR that playsuit is truely amazing! Where's it from? xxx

  2. I love different winter tights, so excited I can now pull out and buy some chunky ones!

  3. Blue duffel coats are the best! :) Red goes so well with them. I bought a red beret to wear with mine this year - channeling Paddington Bear as a style icon is no bad thing, right?

    Also, those boots are gorgeous wowwwww.

  4. Love the green playsuit, I don't think I have anything in my wardrobe that's green either but this is really nice! Those gloves are great too, you wouldn't loose them with the string! x

  5. Playsuit is a little bright for me, but green is supposed to look nice on paler skin tones so it would probably like really nice on you :) I am just not brave enough!

    I really love the culottes.

    Grace x
    i'd rather buy shoes...

  6. The playsuit looks awesome. The moisturiser is expensive but must be effective, it's worth to spend money on something that would work ;) xx

  7. I love the green playsuit! It's gorgeous x

  8. I love the tights and the shorts and boots! They look awesome! I need to buy some more tights
    Farrah's Muse

  9. Love the tights, definitely looking forward to picking up a few thick pairs in a few colours to keep cosy this winter.
    Great Post, Love the blog!!

  10. Those gloves are so cute! They remind me of ones I had attached to my coat when I was little!

  11. Those gloves are amazing!!

  12. Hey! I just wanted to let you know I've passed on a blog award to you on my blog :)


  13. Those tights are lovely! They remind me of being at school in the winter (in a good way!). Jen x

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