Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Ahhh, good old butterball, or Mr Butterball as he's* referred to throughout the festive period (which I believe starts in a week or two as far as Lush christmas products being released is concerned, YAY!!) when he transforms into a cute little snowman. This is probably one of my favourite bath bombs and I think it was the first Lush product I ever tried too!

Butterball is full of cocoa butter and has to be the single most moisturising product I have ever used. After sharing a bath with Mr Butterball (ooh err!) my skin can only be describe as baby soft and I don't need to moisturise for a few days. He is amazing and is definitely my secret to soft skin! You can literally feel the cocoa butter coating your skin as you relax in the bath and the water feels velvety to the touch. This bath bomb is scented with sweet musk and vanilla and the smell is nice and relaxing, but not over-powering.

Because of the high cocoa butter content you do have to be careful what you do in the bath. It almost looks like a few little blobs of melted butter are floating around in parts of water and this does not get on well with your hair - unless you like the greasy look! Shaving is not a good idea either, unless you want to come out the bath with the hair you've just shaved off clinging to you for dear life. But this is actually a good thing in my eyes, it means that Mr Butterball can be reserved for one of those baths where the sole purpose is to light some candles, relax and read a book. :)

Butterball costs £2.30 and can be chopped in half and used in two baths without losing any of his lovely moisturising properties.

A lot of people are asking if I work for Lush or if I've been sent these items for free. The answer is no, I just love their products and everything featured has been bought with my own money.

* I'm fully aware that it makes me look crazy referring to a bath bomb as if it's a person but that little snowman is so cute and I just love him it so much that it's hard not to!


  1. Bugger, that'll be another trip to Sauchiehall Street for me then! :)

  2. Love myself a bitta Mr Butterball action myself Charlene. DIVINE! xxx

  3. I love the moisturising bath products from lush but I never venture in there myself I usually have them for birthdays or christmas. . .i really should try this though, thanks for sharing xx

  4. This is one of my favourite ones too!

  5. Been waiting for Snow Fairy for a month since my stash ran out! :(

  6. I like the sound of it being moisturising too! Can't wait for Lush to get all their Christmas stock in! x

  7. I always underestimate ballistics because I just love bubbles but I think me and Mr Butterball will have to get cozy sometime, he sounds like such a charmer ;)

  8. I have always wanted to try one of these but never get round to it! After this post I most defiantly will be!

    Check my blog out; www.zenakhan.blogpsot.co.uk

    new to the blogging world!

  9. Ooh I love me a good Butterball (: I tend to crumble a bit of the Comforter in there too when I use it though, just because a Lush bath isn't "right" without some extra colour! xx

  10. I'm so excited about the Christmas products. Everything looks soooo amazing! Really need to buy a tin, but no idea how I'll choose... :\

  11. Ahh the Butterballs are definitely my favourite ballistic <3 love it so much! Gonna have to stock up next time I'm near a Lush shop! xx

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