Thursday, 4 August 2011

phil smith

Last month I attended an event through in Edinburgh hosted by AJC Consultants (I blogged about it here) and everyone received a bag full of hair products. We weren't asked to review any of these products, but I've been using them for a few weeks now and have been so impressed that I think they're worth mentioning!

I can't remember how long I've been on a quest to get BIG hair, it's been ages, but a few of you might have noticed that my hair has been looking a lot more voluminous lately - well it's down to these four products, and also a bit of this. It literally takes me 15 minutes to go from greasy morning hair to lovely blow dried, backcombed BIG hair and here's how.

001. Big It Up Shampoo and Conditioner
I wash my hair with the shampoo daily and condition it maybe once a week. This shampoo claims to thicken and strengthen your hair and add life and vitality to fine or flyaway hair. Used on it's own I don't notice much of a difference in terms of thickness or life but it's a nice shampoo which isn't too heavy. However when it's used with the thickening styling product I do notice it makes a big difference in adding volume than what the cream can do on its own.

002. Xpanding Thickening Cream
I let my hair dry by about 50% naturally (most days, sometimes there's just not enough time!) and then use a tiny little 5p sized squirt of this on my roots. I've never been one for taking time over blowdrying my hair but by tipping my head upside down and giving my hair a quick blast I get LOTS of volume and bounce. So much so that it always makes me want to do the Pantene hair swish! I've tried a lot of thickening creams in the past but this one is seriously impressive!

003. Xtravagant Hairspray
Next comes the backcombing. I section my hair and backcomb for about 5 minutes. As I learned at the event, the proper way to backcomb is to start at the roots and work your way down the hair. It also really helps if you comb it in smaller sections. Once I'm happy with the result, I apply a small amount of this hairspray and it magically holds my hair in place all day. And you know the thing I love most about this hair spray? It smells of coconut! Finally, a hairspray that doesn't smell of chemicals!

Each of these products can be bought for around £6 which is a brilliant price considering how good they are. I know everyone says this at the end of a review, but I honestly will be buying these again once I run out!


  1. Loving the sound of the thickening cream!


  2. 6 quid isn't bad at all is it?! sounds fab x

  3. These sound really good! I'm always on the quest for more volumunious hair (who isn't?!) and although I always dry my hair mostly by flipping my head upside down, I don't always get a lot of volume, I think I shall definitely be trying these out, and for only £6?! Brilliant! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  4. Ooh, loving the sound of the thickening cream - it's not a brand I'm familiar with but the price point makes combined with your review makes it quite tempting to try them out!xx

  5. I used the shampoo at my friend's house and liked it, but I didn't notice enough difference to go out and get it. Might look into getting it with some of the other products though. I really like the look of the thickening cream!

  6. Love the sound of these - especially the thickening cream :) xx