Tuesday, 26 July 2011

birthday wishlist

It's exactly a week until my birthday, and to be honest, I'm not that excited. There's just something about turning 22 that doesn't seem like much fun. I haven't made any plans and I'll probably end up lazying around on the day, eating cake with family, and then a nice meal and a few drinks with my closest friends. That actually sounds perfect to me! I've never been one to have parties or huge celebrations.

A lot of people have been asking me what I want as presents, but again it's something I haven't really thought about. Clothes are such a personal choice and it feels a bit weird asking for them as a gift so I've put together a little wishlist of bits and pieces I'd like and thought I'd share!

march jacobs daisy | the comforter bubble bar | twilight bath bomb | nina by nina ricci
x-men: quadrilogy | limitless | battle: los angeles 2011 | modern family season 1 | edward scissorhands
white teeth necklace | t-rex necklace | roaring tiger ring

Usually people ask for a 'big' present like a designer bag or an expensive gadget but there's nothing that I want that much (unless you're offering to buy me a TT) so I'd prefer lots of little things but y'know a card and some quality time with friends and family would be just as nice!

After writing this post I'm feeling a bit like a big birthday Grinch but surely I'm not the only one who doesn't get that excited?!


  1. Oooh I love Nina, it's a gorgeous perfume. Ricci Ricci is equally as gorgeous too!

  2. Ahh I love Lush stuff and that tiger ring!
    I'm not looking forward to my 22nd either.. I just want a quiet night in with a takeaway :)

  3. that t-rex necklace is unbelievably awesome! and my Mum actually passed down that Nina perfume to me, cos' she (crazily) didn't like it.

    Beth x
    ramz and the flock

  4. why dont you add mine and louies face to your wishlist instead YA GET ME xxxx

  5. I'm the same about birthdays - I never really get excited anymore. X-Men is defo a winner though!

  6. Some lovely stuff here, I love Lush products! I much prefer loads of smaller things over one big thing, not too sure why! I don't think it's particularly Grinch-like, I've found as I've got a bit older, I don't get so excited :( xx
    Sirens and Bells

  7. I know what you mean, my birthday is tomorrow and I actually forgot about it until I received some cards in the post.
    That teeth necklace is gorgeous.
    Happy Birthday in advance.

  8. Ooo I spy lush goodies! I'm not big on birthdays either, I'd rather just go out for a nice meal :) I think a lot of people get a bit like that once they've passed the milestone '18' birthday :P I just feel like I'm getting old now :P

    L x

  9. I love Galibardy jewelry I wish I could buy the whole store! But alas, no money :(

    Rhiannon xo

  10. Some years I find myself feeling like a little kid again, and yet others I'm just not bothered! I think as long as you make time to spend it with the people you love it'll be a great day - you'll probs wake up more excited than you expect! x

  11. its my birthday next monday but i'm not even that excited either, usually i would have a list of things i want but i haven't got a clue this year! xx

  12. Both Daisy and Nina are on my wishlist too! Getting one of those beauties as soon as I can x

  13. been lusting after Nina/Daisy for ages now, hopefully you'll get them for your birthday! xo


  14. I love those two Lush products. :)

    Both are currently sitting in my bathroom, waiting to be used.

    Hope you have an amazing birthday. :) xx

  15. happy birthday! I never ever get excited about birthdays - I wrote about it!



  16. really cute jewellery (: