Monday, 27 June 2011

week in photos #23

I wasn't home yesterday to post my week in photos like I usually do, but it's better late than never! I've been out of the house every day this week and haven't had a chance to blog at all but I've managed to snap some outfit photos for other posts and have a lot to share!

001. Mmm, homemade caramel shortcake. My Mum made us a big tray of this and every time I go into the kitchen I can't help but help myself to a little bit. Caramel shortcake is probably one of my favourite treats but it's not so good for the diet!

002. I bought this little beauty at the start of the week and I'm so excited to develop my first roll of film. I own three Lomography cameras now, but this one's a little bit different because it takes fisheye photos. I've got a few rolls of film to develop from my Diana Mini camera too, so no doubt I'll be sharing those with you soon.

003. I also finally bought the DSLR I'd had my eye on for months now, the Canon 550d. I love it so much! I'm still getting to grips with all of the controls but after a little tutorial from my photographer friend Mark O'Hare I'm getting there! It's quite a lot of money to spend on a camera (worked out that it's over half the value of my car!) but the quality of photos is excellent and it's something I've wanted for ages.

004. Grey. Grey. Grey. I didn't edit the colours in this at all - it really is that dull! When are we going to get some sunshine here in Scotland?! Fair enough, it seems to have stopped raining today and is a bit warmer than usual but it's not exactly what I'd call Summer. Jealous of everyone down south who are topping up their tans!

005. You can't beat potato scone, fried egg and (veggie) bacon sandwiches to cure a hangover! Or even just as brunch. With lots of HP brown sauce, mmmm. I've ate so much food this week. I also went to Jamie Oliver's Glasgow restaurant earlier in the week (lost my photos!) and had the most delicious risotto I've ever tasted. YUM.

006. Poor Davo broke down last night after the battery mysteriously drained even though everything was switched off and the keys out of the ignition. That's the 3rd time it's happened so I think I either need a new battery or to send Davo off to car heaven and upgrade. Luckily my friend rescued us in his gorgeous Audi. Jealous? Me? Nahhh...

007. And as I mentioned before I went to see Take That on Wednesday. Definitely the highlight of my week! This morning I booked tickets to go to T in The Park (for those wondering how I got them as they sold out ages ago - Ticketmaster have put all ticket types back on sale as from today!) and I am SO SO EXCITED because after waiting all these years I'm finally going to see The Strokes live! AHHHHHHHH!!


  1. Ooh so jealous of your camera! I have the 450d but it has mysteriously broken so I need to fix that soon!
    I've never had a potato scone (or potato cake as we call them here) on a sandwich! I usually have butter and grated cheese on mine. Mmm..!

  2. that shortcake looks gorgeous! seriously drooling here now haha! x

    half the world away.

  3. love the lomography - just a gorgeous little camera to look at too, can't wait to see the fish eye pics!

    oooh, and yummy - I'm talking take that AND the cake here ;)


  4. Ah weird. I call them potato cake rather than scone. Congrats on getting a t in the park ticket! I would sooo go if it wasn't so far from where i live >_<

  5. Oh my god, I die at that shortbread! Ooh, will we be seeing your fish eye pics on here?!

  6. I went to see Take That the other week :D they were soooo good weren't they! And now The Strokes?! Omg I'm sooo jealous!! xx

  7. The choco photo just made me diabetic. I WANT!

  8. mmmmmm caramel shortcake :) the camera is really cute :D

  9. Omgosh that caramel shortcake is making me so hungry! :D

  10. I absolutely LOVE all your WEEK IN PHOTOS posts!, yay we are like camera buddies I have the same camera & it is what inspired me to start blogging, cough cough photo blog :)

    H A I D I


  11. I love your week in photos :) Actually Charlene, I just love you in general right!! We even have matching cars (almost) Your new fisheye camera looks sweeeeet btw. Can't wait to see some pics from it, do share! :) xx