Sunday, 29 May 2011

week in photos #19

001. It was my team leader's birthday on Wednesday so I whipped up some Celtic FC inspired cupcakes to take to work despite supporting the rival team myself. I used the Hummingbird Bakery recipe for chocolate cupcakes again and they we're a bit chewy and not very sponge-like. I think it's a bit hit and miss using that recipe - especially since it's designed to be done by an electric mixer and I've been doing it by hand.

002. I've spent a lot of time out with friends this week and I've come to realise that I honestly do have some of the most amazing friends. McDonalds milkshake runs so that we can have a good heart to heart, spontaneous nights in, drunken chat, I love them so much! I know a few of you read this... I ♥ you!

003. I demolished a giant Kinder Egg easter egg this week and it was so so good. I love Kinder chocolate. I think Bueno's have to be my favourite, but I have vague memories of eating some sort of cake/spongey Kinder chocolate a long time ago. A quick Google search tells me that it's the Kinder Milk Slice but as far as I can see you can no longer buy it. :( Boooo!

004. I had yet another drunken night in this week. Sometimes I prefer a casual night of drinking at someones house over having to make the effort to get all dressed up, pay taxi fares and put up with sticky dance floors and over priced drinks. Disaronno is my new favourite drink and I love mixing it with Coke - it tastes just like Dr Pepper. Everyone I speak to seems to have a different way of drinking it - how do you mix yours?

005. "My uncle Roger said he once saw an albino polar bear...." I went to see The Hangover Pt 2 last night and it was hilarious. Maybe not as good as the first one, but still a great film! It has so many memorable quotes and Bradley Cooper was looking fine too. I definitely recommend going to see it.

006. Check out my new BLING phone! Haha! It's hideously tacky, but I love it! I've wanted some sort of protective case for a while and this one is perfect. A few of the little rhinestones have already started falling off and one of the corners has snapped off already though, grrr!

007. After wanting it for yeaaaaars I finally caved in and bought the Sex and the City box set. It was reduced to £39 in HMV so I treated myself. I've spent most of the week watching Season 6 and fawning over Aleksandr Petrovsky (yes, I know he's a bit of a twat but he's also such a charmer!) but I think I'm almost ready for a few of the episodes featuring Aidan now.


  1. love the look of the cakes, and the iphone case haha i had a leopard blingy case so chavtastic but i loved it haha xx

  2. Those cupcakes look delicious!

  3. Those cakes look so good! As does the Easter egg, mmm..
    I love Disaronno too, I just have it with coke, same as you.
    The phone case looks good! I want a blingy one too but I broke my phone on Friday so there's no point protecting it now haha x

  4. oh my good lord, those cakes look GOOD!!!!! x

  5. Those cakes look amazing, the frosting is perfect!

  6. Lovely photos! The cupcakes look delicious.

  7. Mmm those cupcakes look so good, and I love kinder chocolate! I drink Disaronno with cranberry juice - so good! x

  8. Oh my, those cupcakes look so good!
    I realllly want to see The Hangover 2, I'm glad to hear that it's good! xx

  9. mmmm you just made me crave a McD's milkshake!
    and can you believe I've never seen Sex & The City?!

  10. oh mannn, really craving kinder chocolate now!! And those cupcakes look delicious. Damn my diet haha
    LauraElizabeth xo

  11. Those cupcakes look delicious!
    The older I get the more I love girls nights in! Can't beat them! I too love dissarano and coke, sooo nice and easy too drink (not sure if that is always a good thing!)

  12. Steffani - Everyone keeps looking at my phone and then looking at me and the horrified look on their face just says it all! HAHA! I would have loved a leopard print one but the shop I went to only had this one or zebra print. :( x

    Cherry - They looked nicer than the tasted for a change! x

    Hayley - Disaronno is the only drink that I could spend the whole night drinking. Usually I get fed up and start to feel sick after drinking a few of the same drink and have to mix my drinks! x

    Temporary Secretary - Thank you! I've finally got the hang of swirly icing - woohoo! :) x

    Harriet - Thank you! It's all down to a Wilton icing tip! x

    Khaz - Thanks hun :) They were alright, the icing was the best part! x

    Sophie - I'm not really a fan of cranberry juice as it hurts my throat for some reason but I can imagine it going well with Disaronno! x

    Sirens & Bells - If you liked the first Hangover film then you'll like this one too! :) x

    Tor - McDs milkshakes are the BEST! I went to get one on Saturday and was told the machine was broke… not acceptable! ;) You definitely need to watch SATC, it's really good! Season 6 is the best in my opinion, but you really need to watch them all to know the ins and outs of each character. x

    Laura Elizabeth - Haha, sorry for wrecking your diet! A little bit of chocolate wont hurt though ;) Kinder is the best! x

    Stundon - In my case it's mostly boys nights in/out as most of my friends are boys haha! It's FAR too easy to drink. I could probably drink a full bottle of it easily! x

  13. The icing on the cupcakes looks perfect! Is there a certain technique you use?

    I also love disaronno & coke! I've heard of some people drinking it with orange juice although I'm not convinced myself x

  14. 1. They look incredible - I ordered the cookbook off of Amazon this morning - I can't wait for it to arrive!

    3. They make giant ones?! Sounds like heaven!

    4. Try pouring a shot or two over ice cream - incredible!

  15. Aleksandr Petrovsky <3
    He's old but god he's gorgeous!
    Not that I'd kick Mr Big and his moon river record and frank sinatra crooning out of bed ;)
    Reduced to £39? May also have to cave in after years of not buying the box set since it was ridiculously expensive!
    Much Love
    Roisin Elizabeth

  16. Your cupcakes look amazing! All of my icing nozzles are too skinny to create that look, I really need to get a bigger one.

    I also just have to mention that view on your maccy D's run - wow! That's not what you see from the carpark of my nearest drive through!

    Your new layout looks lovely btw xx

  17. Those cupcakes look mmmm mmm mmmm ♥
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

    Eda ♥

    *following your blog*

  18. Those cupcakes look gorgeous, sod the football, the green is gorgeous enough in its own right.

    Love the simple days with friends and loving the simple nights in with friends too. Going out somewhere really special is fun, but it's only so special because I don't go out much the rest of the time and I know evenings curled up on the sofa chatting with The Guy and/or my parents and a bottle of wine are perfection for me.

  19. i saw the hangover last night as well, i enjoyed it :) very good entertainment i think,

  20. Yummy football fairy cakes. I will try with Arsenal colours. ;P As for bling, whenever I hear the word I immediately think of the CBBC clip show Horrible Histories with its crazy King of Bling song. Mad.

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  21. yay! i love your week in photos! those cupcakes look amazing! and i really want to go see the hangover 2. you are also so lucky to have such a great network of friends. i definitely have friends i value here in berlin, but my best friends and i are all scattered across the globe, and i really do miss having that close connection available to me for silly movie nights, adventuring, going to bad clubs and dancing our asses off, etc.

  22. Oh man, that phone case is immense! Ooh, I wanna go see Hangover 2. I was a little nervy it was completely the same thing. Those cupcakes look good mind you. Mm, I've been catching up with so many old friends lately. It's made me realise just how much I miss them. Lovely post.

  23. Those cupcakes look so lush! Might have to give that recipe a go at some point and I really need to see The Hangover 2, the trailers look beyond funny xoxo

  24. those cakes look so good, please come and make me some? SATC is such a bargain, great find.

  25. Disaronno is amazing! I like it with cranberry juice and vodka...yummy! :D

    Maria xxx

  26. LOVE this post! :)
    what a great blog! you are so inspirational! if you get the chance to check out my blog i would love to see what your opinions are on it! :)

    follow me?

  27. the cupcakes are wonderful