Sunday, 1 May 2011

week in photos #15

I've been carrying my camera around sans memory card for most of the week so I thought I'd do something a little different this week and post some photos from my phone. I got my new phone 2 weeks ago and have been playing around with an app that applies filters onto photos to make them look like lomo photos - so much fun and the results are lovely!

001. Look at how nice the view is! I spent a lovely day walking along the coast and sunbathing in a park eating strawberries with Martina earlier this week. I forgot to put suncream on and ended up with some sunburn on my shoulders but thankfully it wasn't as bad as the one I got last year (which you can see on my skin!), I should really learn my lesson by now!

002. Monday marked the first BBQ of the year, meaning it officially feels like Summer! There's nothing better than a veggie burger, a slice of plastic cheese, a chunk of pineapple and a generous squeeze of ketchup. NOM. For those of you screwing your face up about having pineapple with a burger - TRY IT. It is honestly so good.

003. I've been doing a lot of walking this week and have also got back into running for the Couch to 5k now that the weather is a bit more reliable. It's so much harder to run in the heat though. Feeling quite jealous of the men I pass who can topless and that it's acceptable for them to pour their bottles of ice cold water down their chest without things getting really awkward.

004. Went a little road trip on Wednesday and had tapas and done a bit of shopping before work. I didn't buy much (really wanted the frog ring I blogged about here but once again I was talked out of it!) as it was the day before pay day but I did snap up a gorgeous key necklace which you're bound to see in a lot of my outfit posts.

005. I spent a few nights in bed with a cappuccino working my way through the Critters boxset. The films are ridiculous, it's hard to think that when I was younger I was actually scared of them! You can also see my cosmic nails here! Unfortunately they all chipped before I had a chance to get any decent photos but I'm definitely going to paint them again and I'm considering attempting a video tutorial. Is that something you'd like to see?

006. Where has the rum amaretto gone? On Friday night I managed to devour a bottle of Amaertto (Martina helped me, though!) at a friends party. It's just so easy to drink. I think it's one of the only alcoholic drinks - cocktails not included - that I actually enjoy. I didn't enjoy the hangover I had to suffer at work the next day though! Owww.

007. Pay day, at last! I have a tradition with a friend that every pay day we go to Braehead Shopping Centre for a spot of shopping, have some lunch and plan a big night out. It's something to look forward to every month! This time round we were naughty and went for pizza, and even had dessert. You can't beat hot cookie dough though, mmm.


  1. Oh wow, these are still really beautiful photos! Makes a lovely change! x

  2. Hurrah for pay day after a long-ass 5 week month! The first pic looks amazing - where is that if you don't mind me asking?


  3. These photos are good, the camera on my iphone is pants! They only come out decent if I use the Instagram app.

    Looks like you've had a lovely week


  4. Rachel - Thank you! I might post mobile photos every so often if people like it. :) x

    Toni - It has been a long month hasn't it! My car tax was due too and the price went up again, grrr! It's down in Greenock, just next to the Battery Park x

  5. I love that first picture, so lovely!
    Mmm hot cookie dough is one of my favourites :)

  6. Argh, so jelly that you've been to the coast! I haven't been yet this year and it's killing me! Good luck with the coach to 5k, I could never do that...I think I'm too attached to the coach lol! xx

  7. Stundon - The camera on mine isn't great at focusing (not when you're drunk, anyway!) but this app never takes a bad photo :) I think it's really similar to Instagram! x

    Sophie - Thank you :) It's one of my favourites too, but I usually never have any room left to fit in dessert! x

    Meg - I live right on the coast so it's there all year round for me! Not so good when it's constantly windy but it does look nice and is great for summer! I'm attached to the couch too but it's not so bad once you actually drag yourself out of the house ;) x

  8. Nightmare... this is why I don't drive! More £££ for the important things ;) Think a little trip to Greenock will be on the cards now... it looks beautiful.x

  9. Really lovely photos - love the first one especially, it's gorgeous! I wish my phone [a blackberry] had an app like that. I have a diana mini though - just got my first roll of film developed :) x

  10. Oooh, I love the first photo :) This reminds me I need to get my Diana Mini up and running. Corr, cookie dough....mouth watering!

  11. Lovely photos! I love a bbq as well, we wasted no time getting ours out when the warmer weather arrived as we had none at all last year - too busy planning our wedding! x

  12. Really lovely post :) That dessert looks SO delicious, omg! Would really love a video tutorial on those nails, they look so gorgeous! xx

  13. pineapple on a veggie burger? sounds like a dream, defo going to try mm! especially bbq'd and plastic cheese oh god. HUNGRY XX

  14. Those pics are pretty amazing. Love the pay day tradition as well, I should establish something like that too. I can´t even get through a week without having something to look forward to planned out:)

  15. Love a bit of hot cookie dough! Unbeatable! <3

    Rhiannon xx

  16. I love that first pic, and yum amaretto!!

  17. so much nice food and drink mmmm
    I have a BB so my phone camera is awful, all the photos on my phone are of my dog, such a loser... xx

  18. Toni - Ahh my car might be expensive but I do class it as an important thing! Don't know how I'd go back to life without it ;) You should make your way from Greenock down to Largs.. it all lovely down that way :) x

    Trinket Box - I saw you mention on twitter that you got your Diana photos back, can't wait to see them! I'm just about to post a roll away to be developed. :) x

    Bee - Thank you! You definitely do need to start using your diana, I love mine. They're perfect for summer! x

    Aimee - Thanks :) x

    Cherry - Ahh wedding planning! Hope it all went well :) I tend to go a bit BBQ mad! x

    Laura - It was really good! The cookie dough was all hot and chewy, mmmm. I'll try get a video tutorial done this week :) x

    Klee - YES! It's even good on meat burgers… or so I'm told. ;) x

    Daniela - Thank you :) It's a nice thought to think of when you're in the last week of the month and have no money to do anything ;) x

    Rhiannon - Mmm, I could eat it every day! x

    Raffles Bizarre - Thank you! Amaretto is my new favourite drink <3 x

    Gem - I know, I ate so much this week! I rarely take photos of people on my phone… think that's an even bigger sign of a loser ;) x

  19. I love the photos I see taken with this app on! Great pictures, the retro feeling of them all is just lovely.

    x x Michelle

  20. Gorgeous pics, I think I have the same sandals as you. :)

  21. Love your pictures and how amazing is cookie dough? fave dessert everrr. xx

  22. Hahaha number 3 made me laugh - Imagining the looks i'd get off the dog walkers if i did that! Just go around 6pm when its getting cooler! I hate running when its too hot/cold!

    I'm the same with gin. I absolutely love it with lemonade and lime! Or just lime sparkling water, good calories woo!! xx

  23. Please do a cosmic nail tutorial! It's one of my fave photos to ~float around tumblr.
    Lovely pics! :) Pineapple on a burger is amazing and so is hot cookie dough!

  24. Thats ace! I like seeing what people get up to and what they think is important enough to take photos of :)that cookie looks gorgeous!

  25. lovely photos my dear! looks like you had a great weekend :) x

  26. I love all these photos, the first one especially!

  27. i love water shots thyere always so peaceful looking. also, that mug is huge? or am i looking at it weirdly. love the nails too

  28. great post

    I adore your blog, I'm following!!

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  29. That is a lovely view!

  30. Michelle - Thank you! I never take any 'normal' photos on my phone, this app is too good. x

    Cherry - I got mines from New Look last year! :) x

    Monkia - Ahh, it's so good! Thank you :) x

    Sarah - Haha I know, exactly! I can never find the motivation that late, I either do it in the morning or not at all. :( x

    Heather - I will definitely do one :) x

    Effi - Thank you! I'm nosey like that too hehe and I'm constantly taking photos of things! x

    Vicki - Thank you! It has been a great week :) x

    Hayley - Thanks lovely, the first is my favourite too! x

    Emma - The mug wasn't that big no, I think it's just the angle but I definitely see what you mean haha! x

    Milly - Thank you :) x

    Daisy - Thanks! I tend to take it for granted because I see it most days but it does look extra nice in that photo x

  31. lovely post! love that first photo. ohhhhhh cookie dough. sigh.

  32. All these photos are gorgeous! That view is amazing too :) What app do you use?
    Would love to see a cosmic nail art tutorial :) xoxo

  33. I love the view of water, with boats and a dock, it reminds me of The OC.
    Pretty mug!
    Hot cookie dough?! I never have even heard of such a thing, but it looks DELICIOUS!


  34. Mmmm, cookie dough.
    If you like Amaretto and cocktails, you should try the Marzipan cocktail if you're ever in a Wetherspoons. Amaretto, Southern Comfort and Cranberry Juice. Nom.

  35. your phone takes really great photos! i think i'm going to have to eat a cookie with ice cream on top today!

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  36. these images are stunning, where in Italia are you? reminds me of my hometown Gaeta.

    great photos,