Thursday, 14 April 2011

new york city cops

Argh, how annoying. I've had such a busy week this week (it's been great - I've got lots to show you in my week in photos post on Sunday!) and now that I've finally got an hour to sit down and pay my blog some attention I realise that the charger for my camera has went AWOL in one of the many cleaning sessions that my Mum has been doing lately. So no outfit photos today I'm afraid, but hopefully I'll be able to post one tomorrow! Instead I've put together a wishlist of some things I've got my eye on at the moment.

001. These brown crochet shoes are a bit different from any other brogues I've seen at the moment and the light crocheting will be nice a airy for the good weather.

002. I love this plaited denim jacket from Topshop. I don't actually own a denim jacket at the moment so I definitely need to invest in one. I'm also really liking the sleeveless versions but seeing as I don't like my arms I'm not sure how much wear I'd get out of one.

003. H&M have these basic skirts in a few colours and at only £6.99 they're a great all year round basic and much more affordable than the American Apparel version. I saw the peach colourway in one of Kate's posts and just know I'm going to go out and buy a few next time I'm shopping.

004. THIS RING, OH MY GOD. It is amazing! It's not even as if I like frogs or anything but there's just something about it I love. I put it on and the little frog legs hug my finger perfectly. If it wasn't for Liam hovering over me disapproving of me buying anymore jewellery (I have too much as it is) I would have snapped it up in an instant. I might have to sneak back in and buy it...

005. What a perfect colour, I love it! The scalloped edges are perfect and it's one of those items that can be styled in lots of different ways. Being from Topshop it is quite pricy (£15 for a vest?) so I'm hoping that I can find something similar elsewhere at a better price.

006. I actually saw this blouse whilst shopping in New Look today but they only had one left in a size 18 and they weren't willing to give me the one off of the mannequin - gutted! The photo from the website doesn't do it much justice but it's a lovely material and fits so well tucked into some trousers or a skirt.

I love that the shops are finally getting their new stock in, there are so many things I want to buy just now. What items/styles have you been loving recently?


  1. I can't believe New Look refused to give you the top off the mannequin! I'm pretty sure they sort of have to, and even if they don't it's a bit stupid of them to refuse a sale! x

  2. Sometimes they arent Allowed to touch the manequins because they dont actually put the things up themselves, and it mightve been dangerous, But if they can reach it and its safe they should :\ x

  3. The brown woven shoes are great, I had a similar pair from Topshop a few years ago which I wore religiously until they fell apart! I still mourn them every day haha...

  4. Sophie - Ahh I know, I was a bit annoyed but hopefully I'll find it in another store! I bought a similar one in a more coral/orangey colour in the meantime! x

    PinkSweetz - Ooh really? I didn't think of that. I guess there must have been some sort of reason behind it otherwise they wouldn't turn down a sale... x

    Sarah - They're lovely aren't they?! I think I remember the Topshop pair from a year or 2 ago. x

  5. I am also on the hunt for a scalloped-edged vest that isn't £15 - why is Topshop so expensive yet so lovely? I love the frog ring as well, it's so cute! x

  6. Really love that skirt & the ring is adorable! xo

  7. LOVEEEE that skirt! I'm definitley going to buy it in more than one colour! xx

  8. I hate that the Topshop scalloped vests are £15, I just can't justify that amount of money on a basic but they are lovely. Really loving the ring, too!

  9. I've had my eye on those skirts too, I saw the mint green one on Saturday in my local h&m but that seemed to be the only colour they had : (


  10. I need that jacket! It's soooo nice and the skirt tooooo.
    Ellie xxxx

    check my blog im new and have no followers haha :

  11. i have those brogues, but about the third time i wore them one of the heels fell off! i find it hard to get shoes that fit so i decided not to return them and to just get new heels and soles put on but obviously that bumped up the price! i've also been after that jacket for a while, so tempting. love your choices x

  12. That frog ring is AMAZING! I love the colours of everything you have chosen here, perfect for Spring! :)

    Maria xxx

  13. Holy bejesus, that frog ring is glorious! Seriously, who thought of designing that? Ahah :)

  14. Ooh I really wanted that blouse too but they also only had a mannequin one and size 16 left on the rail ): NL, Y U NO STOCK CLOTHES?! ;) I think I saw those H&M skirts today but they were a bit too short for comfort on me aha. Such a beautiful denim jacket too! xx

  15. I can't believe that they wouldn't give you the one off the mannequin that is really ridiculous?! They are losing out on money? I would be really annoyed if they did that :(

  16. i love posts like this! thanks for the mention, i love that skirt! :) i also have that exact scalloped vest, i will wear it in an outfit post for you sometime! although i've worn it like twice and its gone a bit bobbly! xo.

  17. I love those shoes and that ring is so cute :) xx

  18. Ooh I'm going shopping tomorrow and this post has gave me ideas of where to go/what to keep an eye out for!! Thanks! :D

  19. Faye - Excellent, let me know if you find one! My friend wore the Topshop one last night and hers is all bobbled already :( x

    Jennie - The ring is perfect, just a pity it's a little too expensive! x

    Shope - The skirt is almost identical to the AA one and so cheap, I can see them selling out fast! x

    Lauren - I know, it's ridiculous! £15 for a basic vest just because the edges are scalloped. If Primark started selling them they'd be like £5 at most! x

    Eloise - I'm hoping my local H&M has them in most of the colours, I'd quite like more than one! :) x

    Elli - The jacket is so nice, I just love the pleated detail at the top! x

    Elise - Oh no that's terrible, especially when you've paid £30 for them! Did it cost much to get new heels and soles on them? I'm really tempted to go out and buy the jacket! x

    Maria - I'm loving pastels at the moment, and burnt orange too! The frog ring is SO AMAZING, I need it! x

    Cherry - Me too, great for £6.99 too! x

    Alex - think I definitely NEED the frog ring. All of these comments have convinced me! x

    Michelle - That's SO weird that your store were out of most sizes swell. I've been trying to find the perfect pair of trousers lately and no shops EVER have any 10s or 12s in stock, ever ever ever! So annoying! Ahh I hope they're not short - I've got long legs and everything is always too short :( x

    Tulip & Willow - Yeah it was annoying :( Hopefully I'll find it elsewhere though! x

    Katie - Ooh we do definitely have similar tastes! So annoying that it goes bobbley though, my friend's one done the same! :( x

    Stefany - I think I'm going to end up buying the ring, ahhh! x

    Melanie - They're so cute! x

    Lauren - Aww brilliant, hope you get some nice things! x

  20. £15 for a vest is ridic! the froggy ring though is lovely, get it get it!

  21. I fell in love with the sleeveless top too, shame they wouldn't let you have the one on the mannequin though. Keep looking!