Sunday, 27 March 2011

week in photos #9/10

I missed last weeks photos because having a nice sit down Sunday Dinner was more appealing - oops! So this weeks post will be a summary of both this week, and last week. Hopefully I'll be back to blogging regularly this week!

001. I came in 20th place (lol) in an incentive at work for selling the most Blackberry phones out of everyone in my department in February and this was my prize - £250 points of vouchers. I'm incredibly lucky to have a job that gives out generous prizes, I know. I really don't know what to spend it on though. I could very easily go into Topshop and spend it all - but I kind of want to spend it on something a bit more special than clothes. What would you spend £250 on? Any ideas?

002. I've spent the past two weeks engrossed in this book, and also loving the film. It's such a beautiful story. I didn't find the book sad at all really, but I did shed a few tears at the end of the film. It's such a beautiful story and I think they chose the perfect actors to star in the film. It's definitely worth reading/watching if you haven't already. There's a lot of details in the book that they left out or changed in the film, but I suppose that's to be expected.

003. I won the give away over at Michelle's blog, how lucky was I! The prize was this gorgeous playsuit from Shop Dixi which will be perfect for Summer! I'm also really loving this peter pan collar dress from the website and wish it was still in stock!

004. Cocktails, yum! I've been drinking quite a lot of cocktails lately. Probably not so good for the diet but I think I'm going to try and cut down from now on. These ones are June Bugs and tasted really fruity. There's nothing easier to drink than a cocktail of spirits disguised as fruit juice! ;)

005. This is the view from a little place a few minutes drive away from me. It's lovely, especially when the sun is shining and the sky is blue. This week has really felt like summer and I love driving down, leaving my car and walking along the side of the water. There's a little cafe there too and it sell the best ice cream in the world - and also some Irn Bru ice cream, amazing!

006. I bought my first ever pair of running trainers a few days ago! I'm really serious about doing Couch to 5k so I thought I'd better get proper footwear. I think all trainers are ugly so had a bit of difficulty trying to choose a pair which were a) cheap and b) looked nice but in the end I settled for these. They're ehh.. alright. But I guess it doesn't really matter what they look like anyway! I'm so excited to start it, although I do think it's going to be difficult. I haven't ran in years.

007. I gave my car (wee Davo) a wash today. After going to a vintage warehouse sale with my friend we decided to have a carwash party so we drove to hers and there we were - out on the main road washing cars in our dresses. We got a few strange looks from cars driving past! I've been thinking about selling my car lately and getting one of these beauties instead now I've been driving for a few years and I'm a bit more confident that I'm not going to bump and scratch it. It would either involve a lot of saving up for a 2nd hand one or taking out finance so it's definitely something I need to think about.


  1. oooh vouchers are great. You could get a gadget from comet? something photography related? a new lens? or a bike? £250 would get you a bike from halfords :)

  2. i agree with you and Gem about getting something more worthwhile! that's gotta be better than frittering, how about some nice new expensive jewellery or a watch? xx

  3. Well done on winning your vouchers. I would keep them, and have a ban on buying for a while then a major splurge. I'm refraining from buying new clothes at the moment as I finish being a Student in June and may be moving countries for work after the summer, so it feels a bit wasteful to buy clothes that may not be worn that much.

    Good Luck on the Couch-5K too, not easy but worth it.

  4. I need to give my car a wash soon too - when I lived in my old flat my space was under a tree and I could never wash it because a) I lived in a flat a few minutes walk from my space and b) the birds would poo all over it as soon as I'd done it!
    Massive congrats on your £250 voucher! I think if I were you I would buy a few bits in a few of the shops - a couple of nice books from Waterstones, some nice clothes from Toppers/New Look and some nice toiletries from Superdrug. Having said that, Gem's idea of getting a really nice bike or a lens or a camera is a good one.

  5. What about a DSLR? :)

  6. Wow congrats on winning, I'd love that!

  7. yeah I'd get a gadget like a new camera or something! All running shoes are pretty ugly, but some are uglier than others ;) yours are nice and plain! I hate how so many womens ones are pink yuck.

  8. I washed my car the other day too - Thursday? I swear everyone washed their car that day, a flash of good weather and look what happens! :D

  9. Wow congrats on the vouchers :) I really need to wash my car too, I guess I don't have any excuses not to now the sun is shining! And oh my, that Beetle is gorgeous! xoxo

  10. I need to read Never Let Me Go. I'm trying to resist watching the film because once i know how something ends, i lose the motivation to go and read the book. I must get it! x

  11. Eeep well done for selling all those BBs! Not gonna lie, I'd totally spend my £250 on clothes, I haven't bought any new clothes in weeks! I might pick 'Never Let Me Go' up at some point in the next few weeks, looks like a nice read (: Aw I'm glad you like your prize sweet, it looks so gorgeous! xxx

  12. Gem - I was thinking something photography related! Just not sure what. I doubt I would use a bike, I'm the wobbliest cyclist around. ;) x

    Sophie - Yeah, definitely something worthwhile. I'm not really an expensive jewellery type person. Hmm. x

    Fashion Junkie - A splurge does sound good put I buy new clothes all the time so it doesn't really sound special, if you get me? Well done on refraining from buying new clothes - I would find it difficult! x

    Rosie - Birds always poo on cars as soon as they've been cleaned. Typical! I think I might spend a bit in Topshop, Waterstones etc and then buy something special with the rest. x

    Anon - Maybe! I'm considering it :) x

    Cherry - Thanks, I'm very lucky! x

    Helen - Oooops… I was actually considering a pink/purple pair. But they were nice. I PROMISE!! haha! :/ x

    Sarah - I know, it's funny! Everyone around here is washing theirs too. x

    Katie - It's lovely isn't it? It's my dream car, ahhhh. x

    Anna - It's really good! Definitely read the book first :) x

    Michelle - I'm tempted to do that but I can and do spend quite a lot of my wage on clothes anyway haa. xx

  13. ooh i love the beetle, and congrats on the vouchers!

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