Sunday, 13 March 2011

week in photos #8

001. This my my 'last supper'. Myself and a few other bloggers have started a new project called Where Are My Knees? in an attempt to achieve various health, fitness and weight goals. My goal is to tone up and get fit and this chinese takeaway certainly won't help me with that! But we don't officially begin until tomorrow so this is my last treat!

002. I went to Ikea twice in one week, ahhh. I picked up some frames so that I can frame my Kurt Halsey prints and I also bought myself this cute floral bedsheets that I'd been wanting for ages. Love them so much! I love the feeling of fresh bed sheets, if I could I would probably change them daily.

003. The snow is back, grrr! I woke up yesterday to find a deep layer of snow settling on the ground and the snow was still falling heavily. The work to drive was rather scary, lots of skidding and bad visibility, but thankfully the rain has washed most of it away. I really hope that's the end of the snow for this year. Hate it!

004. I've also been to the cinema twice this week. I went to see Unknown on Tuesday with Martina and it was quite good. Not as good as the trailer made it out to be, but I did enjoy it! I then went to see Battle: Los Angeles on Friday and it was mind blowing. So, so good! Definitely one of the best films of the year - and that's saying something as I'm not usually a fan of sci-fi or military films.

005. Erm, this was my attempt at aztec nails. I think I tried to put too much detail into them and my nail art pen just couldn't make lines as thin as I wanted them. I definitely will be trying again though, it's my goal to do some good aztec nails one day! SJ from Cowbiscuits posted her much more successful attempt on her blog and it has inspired me to try again as soon as I get bored of my strawberry nails.

006. Whilst out a walk the other day I came across an old railway tunnel that had been buried under some land and bushes. It's crazy to think that although I've walked up and down the track many times over the past few years that I've never noticed it before. So cool. I climbed down the hill to go get a better look but was a bit disappointed to see it was full of empty takeaway boxes, traffic cones and cigarette butts.

007. I went out a pub crawl with Jenna last night and got home at 5pm today - crazy! Nights out with Jenna always involve mixing our drinks and getting a little bit too drunk, as you can tell from the crazy faces we are pulling! Apologies for all my drunken tweets last night if you follow me! I wore my new pair of Henry Holland tights out (after ripping my first pair the first time I wore them) and guess what? I ripped them again! Argh! So annoying.


  1. That chinese looks incredible - I must check the project out - I need to eat better!

  2. Great last supper! if you do want to have chinese again I will do a post on what are the best options to have :) xx

  3. i worked out that i have bought about thirteen pairs of henry hollands. i've given up on them. xo

  4. i love your strawbs! I wanna try them. I got rid of my Aztecs and went for normal red today. Still getting used to my models own pen thing! xx

  5. The bed covers are lovely! So similar to the Cath Kidston rose print ones.

    Will definitely be checking out the Where Are My Knees? project :) Good luck!


  6. I love those bed covers! Also that Chinese has made me suddenly hungry!

    Looks like a fab week xx

  7. I really wanna go to ikea now, that bedding looks lovely!

  8. Ahhh, that looks so delicious. I'm craving creamy food full of flavour! Love the bedsheets!


  9. That ikea bedding is lovely, I've been after that set for a while but don't live near an ikea! The Chinese looks yum, good choice for a 'last supper' :) x

  10. yummy, i want spring rolls

  11. Aw, I love the ikea bedding, and share your attitude about the snow in Glasgow, I really thought we were past this haha! xx

  12. Gosh, that Chinese takeaway has made me so hungry! I've been so good with eating relatively healthy aside from my toastie and chocolate obsession aha. I love discovering little things on walks as well, it totally makes you think about the story behind it all (: Looks like you had a lovely sweet! xxx

  13. Just came across your blog! Love the photography in this post! Great!

  14. Ah, the fact that snow is back in some parts of the UK makes me want to cry! COME BACK SPRING :(

  15. Your new bedsheets are lovely and good luck on the new fitness project too! Ooh I am so tempted to go and watch Battle LA, I keep hearing such good reviews! xoxo

  16. oh i love that ikea bedding, but it's such a trek to go just for that and i reeeeallllly DONT need any more furniture!

  17. Rachel - The chinese was really good! I need to eat better too, hopefully the project will help you! :) x

    Gem - That would be a great idea for a post Gem! x

    Adele - Oh god, 13 pairs?! So much money! I wish they were cheaper. x

    Cowbiscuits - Thanks :) It took me ages to get used to the pen and I'm still not amazing at fine lines. Your aztecs were soo good! x

    Flights of Fancy - Yeah, they had some blue/pink ones that were almost identical to the cath kidston ones.. but they're always sold out. :( x

    Stundon - The chinese was the only thing I ate all day so it tasted extra good because I was so hungry hehe x

    Helen - Ikea have the best bedding! Some of it is really cheap too x

    BibbityBob - I had a look online but I couldn't find it. :( If you want I can pick you up some? Email me if you like :) x

    Emma - I looove spring rolls! x

    Floral Skirts and Teaparties - I thought we were past it too! Luckily (HA!) the rain is back and the snow has mostly gone. Lets hope that's it now!

    Michelle - I've been eating okay just now too, takeaways and pizza are definitely my downfalls! x

    Elastic Cloud - Thank you :) x

    Alex - Yes please come back spring.. and bring a really good summer with you! ;) x

    Katie - Definitely go see it! I want to go and watch it again - it's really good. :) x

    Char - Luckily I have an Ikea right next to the shopping centre I always go to so it's not much hassle. I always end up buying so much stuff I don't really need though! x

  18. I can't believe you're still getting snow! I thought summer was on its way - fingers crossed that you don't get anymore!