Sunday, 6 March 2011

week in photos #7

001. Malteaster bunnies are back! YES! For those of you who haven't tried one I suggest you get down to the shops asap and buy one. They are amazing, much more amazing than the caramel bunnies infact. I'm tempted to buy a big box of them before they disappear again. Addicted? Never!

002-003. On Tuesday I went to see Cut Copy at The Arches and it was honestly the best gig I've ever been to. What really made it for me was guitarist, Tim, being an absolute musical genius. Throughout the set he was literally running from one instrument from another. I may have also fallen in love with the bassist (as seen in the above photo) slightly.

004. I showed you all in my last post, but I made Mint Aero brownies earlier this week and oh my god they are amazing. Somehow they haven't all been eaten up just yet and I still have a few left. Some of you said you were going to make them yourselves - how did they turn out?

005. I've been playing around with my make up this week, experimenting a little too. I bought quite of lot of products from ELF because they're cheap and decent quality - good enough to try out before paying out for expensive products.

006-007. Liam and I went for dinner at Boteco de Brasil and used up a meal for two gift voucher that his Mum had bought us for Christmas. We ordered 5 plates of tapas and finished with a dessert. I enjoyed the tapas but there wasn't a huge selection for vegetarians and the potion sizes were much more generous in the meat dishes. The dessert was SO good though. We ordered Brazilian chocolate truffles and they were sticky, chewy and the strawberries and cream complimented them so well. I'm not sure if we'd go back, but it was nice to go something different.

I hope everyone's had a good week! Did anyone do anything exciting? I know a lot of people have been saying on Twitter that it's been sunny so I hope you've all been out making the most of the good weather. It's raining here again but I'm not letting a bit of rain cancel my plans for going out for ice cream today!


  1. Yay you share the love for the bunnies, I mentioned them in my last post too, if i put on any weight this month, they are entirely to blame!
    its raining where i am too, bring back the sunshine!
    lovey post :)

  2. Those bunnies are SO good! And it looks like you got some great photos at the gig!

  3. i'm also a bit bunny obsessed! i'm stocking up for when they're not on sale after easter anymore! the tapas desert sounds amazingggg xx

  4. I always love your blog posts
    It always makes me sad that restaurants on the whole don't cater to vegetarian needs

  5. Mmm that food looks yummy. I went to Pizza Express because I had vouchers to go there from Weight Watchers and I had a pizza with a hole cut out of the middle and it had salad in it and that was yuumy and I had frozen yoghurt and fruit for dessert. I didn't feel too hard done by when all my mates had garlic bread and dough balls with nutella. It's a drag to eat out when you are veggie or looking for low fat/carb options. I don't want to not eat out with my friends at all but it's hard to make good decisions when you're on a diet, nightmare!
    Cut Copy sounds amazing! I'm seeing Frankie and the Heartstrings again on Monday and seeing Metronomy in April.
    You're so good at taking photos, you need to come and live in Wales and document my life for me!

  6. I am very intrigued by these Malteaster Bunnies, everyone's raving about them lol I'm definitely going to try your brownie recipe this week before lent kicks off too

  7. I've been thinking of ordering from the ELF website recently, they have some great stuff!

  8. I loooooove Malteaser bunnies :) Um, Mint aero brownies? Holy shit, thats the way to my heart. I've never gone out for tapas. Looks good though! Hope you've had a good week. Mine was gooood.

  9. Mint aero brownies? What?! Where was this recipe? Sounds gorgeous!!

  10. I agree, I have so much love for Malteser Bunnies

  11. I have to agree, being vegetarian and going out for a meal can be so difficult! So many places have so few vegetarian options :(
    Your dessert looks so delicious though!

  12. mmmm malteser bunnies! NOM!
    Krissy xoxo

  13. My bf bought me one of those bunnies when he came over last week, they are SO yummy! I intend on buying some more at some point :D

    My week was quite chilled tbh, didn't get up to much at college. I found out that because of an art trip to Barcelona I will have only 1 lesson a day for 4/5 college days! I'm really looking forward to having lots of free time :)


  14. i love those chocolate bunnies! just so good! those and the lindor ones too! nom.

  15. Omnom Malteaster Bunnies are just amazing! Lovelove those foodie photos, making me so hungry! xx

  16. oh goddd, i LOVE the malteaser bunnies! they're all I ate last easter! x

  17. I love malteaser bunnies! it's always such a sad lil moment when they disappear again. Lame i know but i am adicted to them. i'd rather have a bag full of them than an easter egg haha!
    e.l.f make up is pretty amazing too, i get most of my products from there just for everyday use as its so cheap and it is pretty decent when it comes to quality. As a student its perfect aswell when i need to budget :)

  18. Malteaser bunnies are the best! I love easter so much just because i can eat them :P x

  19. malteaser bunnys :) yum! that meal out sounds really nice :) x

  20. Easter chocolate is the best, it's so sad that it only comes out once a year (although these days 'once a year' means for about 5 months so it's not that bad ;)!

  21. I love malteaster bunnies! Best thing about Easter!

  22. I can't find malteser bunnies anywhere near me :( managed to get some a few weeks ago but they seem to have sold out anywhere. I hate cream eggs & am not a caramel kinda girl so it's bunnies all the way for me xx

  23. Ooh your dinner out looks so good!
    I loooove Malteasers bunnies too!

  24. Hmm I have never tried a malteser bunny you know! May have to rectify this! Maybe I can make my malteser cake for easter and decorate it with them hehe. Also: jealous you saw cut copy live!

  25. Oh I love the malteser bunnies! Easter is such a good time haha. Looks like a good week :)

    Sami xx

  26. Just discovered your blog, its lovely! xx

  27. Hi there, love the blog. So happy Malteasters are back, though they won't help me on my journey to a beach body by May! I've just started my blog, have a look at it and let me know what you think, any tips or thoughts muchos appreciated. xxx

  28. Ash - I definitely blame them for any weight gain this month - good idea ;) x

    Rachel - I was right at the front so got some really good photos. It was on 'auto' setting aswell… I wish I knew how to use the manual settings! x

    Sophie - I'm thinking of stocking up but I'd probably eat them all at once! The dessert was sososo good I'm already thinking of how to re-create it myself x

    Zoey - Thanks love :) I can't stand places who only have 1 veggie option, or a load of crap samey options that always involve cheese. x

    Gem - I love those pizzas from Pizza express! It's great that they have healthy options too. They're really nice too so you're right in saying you don't feel too jealous of your friends eating all the unhealthy things. x

    Claire Louise - You definitely need to try one of the bunnies, they're sososo good! I completely forgot about lent - are you giving up chocolate then? x

    Cherry - They do have some great stuff and the qualities quite good for the price you pay. x

    Bee - Tapas is good - can be quite expensive though! We usually go to La Tasca when it's 50% off. :) The mint aero brownies were AAAMAZING! x

    Sarah - I posted the recipe in the post before this one :) x

    Lydia - There's a lot of love for the bunnies ;) x

    Alex - I agree with that! A lot of places are willing to change dishes and make meat-free versions if you ask though so it's not too bad. x

    Krissy - They're great aren't they?! x

    Whimsical Wolf - I intend on buying LOTS more! Scrap easter eggs - I'd rather have bunnies! ;) Ahh that's amazing that you'll only have 1 lesson a day! Enjoy all your free time x

    Gembear - They're amazing, I wish normal malteasers had the creamy bits. :( The Lindor ones are great too - I love that they're now selling mini ones! x

    Michelle - Food seems to come up in my weekly posts a lot. Maybe I should rename them to what I ate this week :D x

    Meg - They're all I'm going to be eating this easter too. LOVE. THEM! x

    Lighthouse - It definitely is. I'm glad they come out for a month or so before easter though. I'll sicken myself of them (if thats possible!) before the vanish ;) ELF always have discount codes on their Facebook aswel which is amazing! x

    Kate - They beat a creme egg any day ;) x

    Kuleigh - I know, I was sososoo happy to get to see them live! you should definitely go if you get the chance x

    Olivia - It was lovely - just a bit too overloaded with cheese for me x

    Faye - I know, 5 months isn't so bad - I wish it was all year round though ;) x

    Sophie - Definitely the best thing about easter! x

    Sarah - Creme Eggs are so sickening aren't they? I love caramel but not cadburies caramel.. it has to be Galaxy! x

    Claire - YESSS! SO GOOD! x

    Raffles Bizarre - It was really good, a bit different too! x

    Helen - Whaaat?! You need to try one ASAP! Oh god, if you make a cake like that you MUST send me a slice!! x

    Sami - I love easter just because of all the chocolate! It was a good week, thanks :) x

    Honestly Bec - Thanks lovely :) x

    SMS Style - Thank you :) They definitely won't help me either! x

  29. Hiya, came over via Sofia's journal!! Mmmm i love Malteaster bunnies too, maltesers are my fav sweets anyway but these are scrummy :) Your mint brownies sound delish as well...

  30. malteser bunny is actually the ULTIMATE treat. i would choose them over anything. fact.

    january, x

  31. The brownies have done the rounds dude! Everyone has linked to them, including me! MMmmmm everything looks yum xxxxxx