Wednesday, 16 March 2011

sweeter than fever

blouse: primark | skirt: h&m

This is one of those outfits that works in ~real life~ but looks a bit rubbish on camera but I thought I'd post it anyway because I really love the skirt and the blouse. I also promise you can't see my bra as much as you can in the photos!

I've had a productive week so far: planning features for Where Are My Knees? with the other girls, working on my portfolio website, seeing friends and tonight I'm back at work. I went to the gym yesterday and really pushed myself to work hard - I think my body got a bit of a fright as I'm all achey today but I'm glad I went because, as crazy as this makes me sound, I actually really enjoyed it and can't wait to go again tomorrow.

As you can see from the photos I've still not changed my strawberry nail art, it's lasted so well and has barely any chips. I'm getting a bit bored though, so I think I'll go do my nails now. I have no idea what to paint yet though!


  1. I loveee that top you gorgeous girl!

  2. Oh I'm loving the blouse! The colour is so pretty. ^-^
    And your strawberry nails are the cutest!

  3. I love that skirt! It gorgeous with the blouse!

  4. love that sort of blouses sooo muh <3 wonderful!

  5. I love everything about this! The blouse is so lady like and cute.

  6. I love your skirt and it does go really well with the float shirt xx

  7. The blouse looks great with that skirt! And its a really lovely colour too :) Well done for the gym thing, at least if it hurts you know its working! xoxo

  8. I think it looks lovely in the photos - the skirt is gorgeous :) And yay for gym-times! I get like that after I've been, can't wait to go again. It's getting my bum from the sofa in the first place that's the problem! x

  9. Love the outfit!

    The blouse is gorgeous! :)


  10. I bought that blouse in primakr a few wks ago, and i have no inspiration on how to wear it, at all, so thank you for this post - it looks brilliant with this lovely skirt! :)

  11. This looks great! You look amazing in the skirt xx

  12. top is beautiful, your hair is also gorgeous! such a great colour xxx

  13. Love the skirt and I love how you've mixed the different materials too :)

  14. amazing skirt, love it!
    Krissy xoxo

  15. Aw I love this outfit Charlene (: The skirt is so so nice! Your nails are too adorable! xxx

  16. ooh that's a cheeky little skirt, love it ;)
    I've been planning blog posts for Where Are My Knees too haha... no gym though. Dance to Broadway is my chosen form of exercise this week xx

  17. Love the skirt - works really well with the blouse.
    Sami xx

  18. Can't believe that blouse is Primark, it's so pretty! :O

  19. Great outfit, I love the combination of the leather type skirt and the pretty girly top :)

  20. Tat - Thank you :) x

    Anna - Thanks! it's not usually a colour I'd go for but I like it x

    Sophie - Thank you! It's two things you woudn't think would work together, but they do x

    Lulu Frances - They're lovely aren't they? I love the sleeves! x

    Cheryl - Yep, ladylike blouse and grungey skirt - strange combination eh? :) x

    Frilly Lace Knickers - Thank you :) x

    Katie - Thanks! That's true! Every time I ache I tell myself that it's a good thing ha! x

    Ellieand - Exactly! I think once you start going it gets easier to get off your butt and go next time! x

    Sarah - Thank you :) x

    Char - Glad I've inspired you. I think I might go back and see if they have it in different colours. x

    Zoet - Thank you :) x

    Lucyboots - Thank you :) My fringe badly needs cut hehe! x

    Chloe - Thank you :) x

    Sophie Isobel - Yeah, I think that's what I like most - the different materials x

    Krissy - Thank you -it's quite short but I do love it! x

    Tass - Thanks :) x

    Michelle - Thank you lovely! The skirt got a few raised eyebrows at work lastnight :( x

    Gem - Haha, very cheeky isn't it! Dancing is probably just as good as the gym! Get some tins of beans and use them as weights whilst you dance ;) x

    Sami - Thank you :) x

    Alex - I know, isn't it!? Only £10 too. x

    Faye - Thank you :) I feel a bit too… exposed/naughty if I wear the skirt without something pretty/girly. x

  21. Loving the blouse! Looks amzing on you! x x x

  22. think i need a trip to primark!

  23. I think it looks quite lovely on you! The skirt is very bold but it looks amazing.

    Great photos, great post!