Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Body Shop haul

Would you believe I bought all of this for something ridiculous like £18? No? Well I did! A few weeks ago I took advantage of the Groupon deal of £30 spend in Body Shop when you pay just £12.

I spent my voucher at the end of last week and had a brilliant instore experience. The sales assistants were very helpful - but not too pushy and gave my friend and I a lot of space (and time! we were in store for ages) to browse the products. When I was paying at the till I was really happy to be getting such a good bargain, but what made it even better was all the free gifts I was given. I got the moisturising mask for free for spending a certain amount on skincare, the eyeliner free for buying 2 make-up products, the cherry body butter free for spending over £30 (although, technically I didn't) and a free Body Butter sample for no particular reason. I also signed up for their members club, which was also free, and it seems like a good scheme.

camomile eye make up remover , tea tree facial toner

The eye make up remover was the only product that I actually knew I wanted to buy when I first bought the voucher - it's brilliant! Previously I was using a No7 eye make up remover but it was quite greasy. This one from Body Shop is perfect - it's very effective, a little goes a long way, and it just feel like water when you're using it. Very gentle. I've been getting a few blemishes and blackheads lately so I was recommended to try to tea tree toner. I'm not a big fan of tea tree products - they're usually quite drying and I don't like the smell. This one seems to be good though. I haven't used it long enough to see a difference but my skin feels nice after using it and it doesn't dry it out.

vitamin e sink in moisure mask

For someone who suffers from dry skin patches this product is a godsend. The instructions advise you to leave it on for 10 minutes and then use a tissue to wipe it off but I've been following the advice from the online reviews and have been leaving it on overnight. It makes my skin baby soft and clears up any dry patches I might have. I don't think I would use it every night, maybe once or twice a week, but I can see this becoming an important part of my skincare routine!

satsuma body butter, wild cherry body butter, almond body butter

I think the body butters are most peoples favourite product from The Body Shop. My favourite scent is the coconut one but I've got a few pots already so I decided to try out some of the others. The almond body butter is definitely a bit like marmite - you either love it or you hate it. It smells of marzipan and for someone like me who loves marzipan (and could easily eat a whole bar of it!) it's brilliant. I haven't opened my tub of wild cherry body butter yet but I did smell it in store and it might be my new favourite! It smells of real cherries and the fragrance isn't too over-powering either. I'm not a bit fan of the satsuma one. Don't get me wrong, it does smell lovely but it brings back memories of my Gran's house, I'm guessing she must have used it a lot, and therefore it doesn't seem very 'me'. I usually use the body butters after having a bath and they leave my skin feeling silky smooth for days afterwards. My only complaint is that if you're using them regularly they do work out to be quite expensive but The Body Shop usually have offers every so often where they reduce certain flavours down to £6/8 or offer 2 for £15.

colourglide lipsticks in '22' and '48', tea tree concealer

These lipsticks are really impressive! My biggest annoyance with lipsticks is that they dry my lips out. My lips are always quite dry so I apply lip balm quite a lot and whenever I wear lipstick they end up in terrible condition. However - these are so moisturising that I don't have to worry about lip balm and have even been using them as a replacement for my trusty Lush Whipstick lip balm whilst I'm out. They are quite pigmented too and the colour does last. Garnet looks like a really scary brown when you look at it, which almost put me off it, but once on it's the perfect dark berry red. You can see it in this post. I have a bit of a love/hate relationships with pink lipsticks. I want to love them, but my lips are quite pink anyway so I find that most pinks don't make a difference. Soft Peony shows up on me quite nicely (as seen here) but I still think I prefer reds! I also picked up the Tea Tree Concealer but it doesn't make my ghostly skin tone so I haven't worn it out. My friend says she applies hers before bed and it works on her spots overnight but I'm not too sure. Does anyone else do this?

eye definer - black

And finally, my least favourite product. This is the only product from The Body Shop that I have ever been dissapointed in and I'm quite glad it was one of my freebies as I would have hated to spend £8 on it. The description sells it as being "a fade-resistant, intense colour pencil for outlining and defining the eyes. They are soft enough to enable smooth application yet firm enough to be smudge-resistant", but I found it to be neither of these. It's not pigmented at all and comes out more grey than black and it also smudges very easily. I find myself having to check my eyes and fix my eyeliner every two hours if I'm wearing this. I can see it being okay for someone who wants a very sutble look but I wouldn't recommend it for it's staying power.

Overall I've been really impressed with the things I've bought. Previously I had thought that a lot of the products in The Body Shop were overpriced but from what I can tell so far the products will last for ages and they're great quality. It's also nice to know that none of the products are tested on animals.

What are your favourite products from The Body Shop? Have you tried any of the ones I bought?


  1. I chose cherry too, yey, I love everything I got from the Body Shop, been using it all the time! You got some great things. I really do love Groupon, for things like this, oh and the meals!! xxx

  2. Ohhh my. I am so jealous of this haul and it was all such a bargain!
    Thank you so much for the reviews, I definitely need to try out some of that eye makeup remover. Mine is just awful, it won't budge my mascara!

  3. Gem - I love groupon, I've still got my Lomography voucher to use up too. I never used much Body Shop before buying these things but I'm definitely a fan now x

    Alex - I know, no one believed me when I told them how much it all cost. The make up remover is quite expensive but I promise it lasts forever and it removes the toughest mascaras really easily. You don't even had to rub it either, it just all soaks off :) xx

  4. You got some really lovely things! Gotta love groupon! xo

  5. That's amazing, I haven't got round to using Groupon yet but this seems such a good deal :) I always used to go to the Body Shop (love the coconut body butter too) but now I'm a Lush convert I think :) x

  6. I love the vitamin e range they have in there. I have the cleanser, toner and moisturiser and they are all part of my daily routine! Also you have to use so little that they last for ages! I've also been really impressed by them.
    Sami xx

  7. Jennie - yeah, groupon is great! x

    Rachelous - You should sign up - there's so many good deals available! I love Lush too but I think I'll visit body shop a bit more often now. x

    Sami - The moisture mask is the only thing from the vitamin e range that I've tried but it's great! xx

  8. Wow! I'm really gutted that I missed out on that Groupon deal, I love The Body Shop :) xx

  9. Love the body butters! I was gutted I missed the deal, I wanted to buy make up brushes!

  10. Totally agree with the eye makeup remover, I have been using it since forever and I still love it! Best I've used so far. I also love the Vitamin E range, it did such wonders for my skin, I just can't afford it any more lol, wish I'd seen this Groupon voucher! xx

  11. I've only just figured out how to work groupon so I'm pretty gutted about all the amazing offers I've missed out on but I'm sure there'll be more!

  12. oooh you got some great buys, I've not bought any groupon vouchers yet but I might give it a go. I love the Body Shop body butters and cherry and lemon are my faves. Sometimes I put a little on my feet and wear socks to bed before I wear sandals in the summer :) xx

  13. I love Body Shop but you´re right, it can get a wee bit expensive. I´m using their Cocoa body butter at the moment and it´s brill, leaves my skin really smooth and soft. I also have their Tangerine lip balm, which smells amazing and looks very good on too.
    I might try out the Cherry body butter - you made it sound totally amzing:)

  14. love the body butters, i like the strawberry one!
    i always thought groupon was little...:/ but now im reconsidering, sad i missed the offer though!!
    Krissy xoxo

  15. Recently become obsessed with Groupon! A wonderful site & a great post xo

  16. Kat - It was a really good deal, hopefully they'll do it again :) x

    Rani - I've got a few of their make up brushes and they're great but quite expensive. :( x

    Emma - I can't believe how gentle it is. It just feels like water! You're the 2nd person to recommend the vitamin e rang - might have to try some of it! x

    Sophie - There will definitely be more offers - keep your eyes peeled ;) x

    Gem - You should definitely sign up to groupon - the deals are getting better and better every day! I do that too with socks before bed, but I use a footcream from Lush instead! :) x

    Daniela - The cherry body butter is great! They always have a little sample pot so you should go and try before you buy ;) The body butters are SO moisturising, love them! x

    Krissy - I've only just recently found out about groupon but it is really good! x

    Bex - It's great isn't it?! x

  17. Love The Body Shop - the Tea Tree Blemish Gel is a life saver! <3 x

  18. What a fab bargain, i haven't been to the body shop in ages but one of my friends has recently started doing parties, so i should imagine we will be plavcing orders soon, i love their body butters.

  19. I'm a fan of the almond body butter, other moisturisers or butters don't really come close to the body shop ones in my opinion. I've been looking to invest in some lipsticks, those colours look lovely :)

    Fiona x

  20. Wow you got a right bargain! I love the smell of the Body Shop but the prices are a little too much for me. Do occasionally treat myself to a body butter though!

  21. This is a great haul, I love the Body shop :) I love the strawberry body butters I couldn't live without them! I like their eyeshadows and blushers but I'm not a fan of there eyeliners either. The love your body scheme is great you get loads of free stuff and discounts X

  22. Body Shop Body Shop!
    Oh how I wish I could afford :(
    I would buy all the vanilla scented products in blast.


  23. Kate - I didn't see the tea tree blemish gell but I'm hoping the toner I got makes a difference :) x

    Char - I heard about those Body Shop parties - they sound like fun! I can imagine spending a lot of money at them though! x

    Fiona - The almond one does smell great. Definitely try out the lipsticks - I really like them! x

    Sophie - I think they're a bit too steep for me too - there's no way I could have afforded half of this if it wasn't for a voucher. x

    Rose - I wasn't too keen on the strawberry body butter actually! Never tried any of their make up but I'll try not to let the eyeliner put me off. x

    Kathryn - I love the vanilla scented products too! x

  24. I love the Vitamin E range, I can't live without the Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream for very dry skin. I've always wanted to try their make up products but have avoided buying any as I simply have too much make up already :/

  25. I got the cherry scrub too and I also picked up the Vit E tinted moisturiser. Worth checking out - it's given my skin a lovely dewy look x