Sunday, 20 February 2011

week in photos #6

001. This week I've been making good use of the Diana F+ camera that I was sent as part of the LoBlography Challenge and I'm having a lot of fun with it. It's my first experience of using 120 film and it took a while to get used to. I didn't realise how far you had to advance the film before taking the first shot, and as a result my photos from Valentines Day don't actually exist. Oops! I'm sending my film off to be developed on Monday so hopefully by the middle of next week you can see all my (fingers crossed) exciting photos!

002. I spent some time in Starbucks this week sipping a latte and playing 'Mr & Mrs Trivia' - cheesy, I know! I just had to buy it though as it's an in-joke we have about questioning things. However it was actually really funny and we learned a few things about each other and argued over which one of us is a better driver (me, of course!).

003. We also went for Valentines dinner at The Bath Street Pony which has quite possibly become my favourite place to eat and drink in Glasgow. If you live in Glasgow, you should go try it out. They do the best cocktails (The Cheekiest of Vimtos is my favourite - and it's half price!) and the food is amazing and SO reasonably priced. For just £20 I got tomato and mascarporne soup with parmesan heart crisps, followed by grilled vegetarian haggis, served with crushed roast garlic potatoes, baby carrots & drizzled with a lemon foam and I somehow managed to fit in a lovely creamy champagne and strawberry cheesecake and a glass of bubbly.

004. Taaa-da! Here's the Valentines themed cake I made. Originally I had planned to make a red and white decorated giant cupcake but my cakes didn't rise enough so once pieced together it didn't look much like a cupcake. I changed my original plan and smothered it in Baileys buttercream and decorated with pink fondant hearts and Barbie sprinkles!

005. I had been meaning to buy Mac Fluidline for ages now and finally got around to it this week. It's AMAZING. I thought it would be difficult to apply but it's much easier than liquid eyeliner and it has great staying power. I think I need a better brush though - does anyone have any recommendations?

006-007. As I mentioned before, I went on a little adventure to an abandoned theme park earlier this week. As you can see the rides were all still there (and some of them we're actually working, the 'power on' light was lit up and begging me to press it) and it was such a fun day. It was really quite creepy hearing all the rides creak and being the only people there. Despite wearing a good few layers it was still absolutely freezing though!

I've cheated a little and had to schedule this post. Fingers crossed that my powers of persuasion worked and that as you read this I will be at the Granny would be proud vintage fair at the Hillhead Bookclub spending some money and sipping on a mojito.


  1. Seems like an eventful week, there! You took such lovely photos, and how amazing are abandoned places, really? I'd loe to visit an abandoned theme park, they're so amazing in a creepy/mysterious way...

  2. CHARLENE I LOVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY SO MUCH! The cake looks good, how did it taste?!
    Your valentines meal sounds soooo good, and all for £20?! That is such a massive bargain. Another reason why I need to come up to Glasgow ;)
    For my first pot of Fluidline I had a MAC 187 brush but that got thrown out my window in a drunken fit of rage one night (don't ask) and since purchasing a new pot, I now use a bamboo flat eyeliner brush from ELF which is only £5.50 and have found that just as good as the MAC one. xxx

  3. (and by a MAC 187 I mean a 210, my bad, sorry!)

  4. I think it'd be so fun/creepy to be in an abandoned theme park! No lines and lots of good photo opportunities.

  5. I'd like a slice of your valentines day cake please! I really want mac fluidline!xxx

  6. That cake looks delicious! Excited to see how your photos turn out- I have a Diana Mini and an F+ but haven't taken many photos with the F+ at all! The abandoned theme park looks pretty cool, but I imagine it can get pretty scary, especially at night.. xx

  7. Good luck! I remember being so, so, SO excited when I got the first roll of 120 from my Diana developed!

  8. I love all the photos and that camera looks so cute!

  9. is that M&Ds park??? The cake looks so good and your valentines meal sounds ace. Gonna have to check out the bath street pony next time Im over in glasgow! :)

  10. Hello Charlene :) I know im abit slow in checking it out lol but love the blog!

    That picture of the Dianas has made me even more excited for mine coming!

  11. avon do a great range of brushes for pretty cheap but the elf one that Lucy mentioned is fab. Make sure you keep the fluid line lid screwed on tight, it dries up really easily.
    The photography challenge sounds great, can't wait to see what you come up with x

  12. All this foot photography is making me hungry. Um, never a good thing at 11 pm!! And how cute is that first photography of the two cameras , one bigger one smaller?! :)

  13. Michelle - You should try and see if there are any local to you. I was really shocked at how it just seems that they upped and left without turning the power off. The ticket booths still had cleaning products even and a coat in them. x

    Lucy - THANK YOU! The cake tasted really good, a little sickening though! If you come to Glasgow I'll take us all there! ♥ I'm going to buy that ELF brush, thankssss xx

    Kuleigh - Yeah it was exactly that! Even though I'd been to it a few years ago it was really hard to imagine the place being busy xx

    Hannah - I'll send you one over ;) I've wanted it for a long time. I ended up buying a fake by accident though and it was rubbish but I'm glad I've got the real thing now. xx

    Rachelous - I think I would use my Mini more than the F+, just because 35mm film is more convenient. We actually had to run back because my friend lost her phone and it started getting dark. it was pretty scary :( x

    Rachel - I'm really exited too! Fingers crossed they come out ok :D x

    Cherry - Thank you :) x

    Katchrista - It's Loudon Castle down in Ayrshire, it's been shut down forever. M&Ds is just closed for the winter season at the moment. :) You'll love Bath Street Pony, it's so nice! x

    Mandi - Thanks for having a look, can't wait to get together in the summer with you and Mark and have a loom photoshoot day :D x

    Gem - I've not had a look in the Avon catalogue for ages! I heard their gel eyeliner pencil is amazing too. Going to buy the ELF brush :) x

  14. Great photos :) I love the way the cake turned out but think you should have sent me a piece! Can't wait to see the photos from your day at the fair sounds like lots of fun xx

  15. Ooh, gorgeous cake! And what an incredible location for a photoshoot would that abandoned fairground be? Amazing. Bet it was a bet creepy though...

    Loving your blog (I'm a new reader!)


  16. Old theme parks are one of my favourite things which is strange because I hate ones that are open. Great pictures

  17. I bought those trivia cards in Tesco too. Great fun!x

  18. and what a week it looks like! love the diana and that cake looks tasty :) xx

  19. Sarah - I'll send you a piece of my next cake ;) Photos from the fair should arrive soon x

    Char- Thanks :) It ended up very pink x

    Amy - Thank you. It was such a good location, I'm so glad we went to visit it. x

    Chlo - I like theme parks either way, but there's something amazing about them being empty and all the rides rusting away.. x

    Joanne - I bought them as a joke at first because they fitted in with one of the in-jokes me and Liam have, but they were quite fun :) x

    Danniekate - Thank you, it was a good week! x

  20. im sure i commented this but obv not! love the dress on you its mega cute and the cardi is cosy! loudon castle, i remember that place, i hated it cos i hated rides lol! im such a wuss because they aren't even "proper" rides apart from one old rickety rollercoaster!

    and ps if lucy comes up to glasgow i'd love to meet up - scottish blogger event!


  21. For the fluidline try the no7 eyeliner brush this was the brush I bought to go along with fluidline and I am totally rubbish at applying eyeliner and it is sooo easy with this brush. I also have a mac small angled brush but I find it difficult sometimes and always use the no7 brush when i'm in a hurry. Plus boots are doing no7 vouchers the now so you would get the brush for something ridiculous like £1.50 with one of those :) worth a try before forking out on mac xx

  22. Love your dress and cardigan. Perfect combination of cute and comfy.

    Not sure if you have this in the UK, but Sonia Kashuk for Target does a bent eyeliner brush that makes liner application nearly foolproof! I have the shakiest hands ever (especially in the pre-coffee morning) and I can do a near-perfect winged line everytime.

    Good luck!