Sunday, 13 February 2011

week in photos #5

001. This was the view from my window at the beginning of the week as the sun was setting one night. I haven't edited the colours in the photo - the sky really did look like that. It was amazing. We've had a bit of sunshine this week and I went out wearing just a cardigan for warmth for the first time in ages. Anyone else excited for Summer? I can't wait!

002. On Thursday, because I had been given the night off work, I went out for hot chocolate with Martina. We went to Cafe Balfe, a nice little cafe/restaurant in town and had a good catch up for a few hours. They make the best hot chocolate and always put lots of marshmallows and cream on top!

003. Claire from French for Cupcake posted her photos from a weekend trip to Dublin and included one of an amazing looking banana milkshake which left me craving a big glass of thick milkshake. I whizzed up some milk, coconut milk and raspberries and made myself a raspberry milkshake to satisfy my cravings, mmm!

004. The postman has brought my lots of lovely things throughout the week! I bought my first Mac lipstick (would you believe it!) 'Snob' which I wasn't sure about at first, but I now love it. I also ordered a few Models Own nail polishes, but those who follow me on Twitter will know that they messed up the order and I haven't had any success trying to get a response from them to resolve it. And finally, some 120mm film for the Lomo Diana+ camera that has also been sent to me... but there will be more about that next week. ;)

005. I also had a wardrobe clear out and listed some clothes on Thriftstoreuk and have made about £50 so far. I've just noticed that it's also free listing day on eBay so I might list some things on there later.

006. After seeing Sarah's successfull attempts at making macaroons I thought I would try myself, but as you can see they didn't turn out too well! This was my 3rd tray and the first tray and second tray were even worse. I'm not going to give up though - one day I will make perfect macaroons!

007. In order to convince myself that I really wasn't as bad a baker as I felt after my macaroon fail I made some vanilla cupcakes filled with raspberry coulais and with white chocolate buttercream on top. I used the Hummingbird Bakery vanilla cupcake recipe and they turned out lovely!


  1. Great photos! The sky looks really gorgeous!

  2. These kinds of posts are my favourite. The sunset looks absolutely incredible! Your cupcakes look amazing too.
    I'll bet my attempt at macaroons will end up more like yours and nothing like Sarah's creations, practice makes perfect I guess though ;)

  3. Gorgeous photos, the first one of they sky is completely beautiful!! I really want to make macaroons but I'm on a lame diet so will just have to wait for now =( Congrats on making 50 quid from selling clothes, I'm so bad at being that organised and just put my old stuff in charity bags.

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  4. So excited for number 004 :) Can't wait to see what comes out of our films.
    That sunset photo is absolutely gorgeous. So excited for the few sunny days we've had recently and the days that have been warmer. Summer is a coming!
    Those cupcakes look amazing and sound absolutely yum!

  5. Oh my, I absolutely love the first photograph, deep orange sunsets are so beautiful. I love the look of your cupcakes, must get baking again! xx

  6. Cherry - Thank you! The sky was lovely, I keep on checking out the window every night to see if it does it again :) x

    Lucy - I think Sarah went and bought those ones and pretending to make them haha ;) They were too perfect! I'll keep my fringers crossed yours turn out better than mine! xx

    Hannah - Thank you.. You could always make a small amount of maybe 6 and make them on a day where you've got people round to eat most of them for you. :) I've got some charity bags too but a lot of this stuff was brand new/barely worn. x

    Rosie - I'm so excited too! :D x

    Michelle - The view was even more stunning. It started off light blue and orange then went really dark! x

  7. Beautiful photographs lovely! Those cupcakes look amazing <3 xo

  8. i can't believe the sky is real omg. amazing xo

  9. Wow, the photo of the sky is absolutely stunning! I love it when it's like that. Oooh, I hope you make the perfect macaroons soon. Your cakes look lovely though (:

  10. mmmm yummy cupcakes! I'm on a diet for my friends wedding and I would love a cupcake right now.
    The first photo is beautiful

  11. Looks like you've had a good week! And yay for lomo film!

  12. Looks like an eventful week! Those cupcakes look divine!

  13. Eeee did you win the lomography contest to be one of the challengers? So jealous! I want to hold a diana+ so badly, please take a pic of the beaut itself!

    I've wanted to go a bit wild on Models Own for ages but your experience has really put me off, there's no excuse really is there? It's such bad customer service. Good luck with the macaroons, I've never managed them either! x

  14. Thanks Jennie, they tasted really good :) x

    Klee - BEST COMMENT EVER. hahaa x

    Bee - I've set my self a goal of perfecting them before my birthday in August - plenty of time!! x

    Gem - Treat yourself - I'll send you one down ;) x

    Rachel - I'm so excited to use the Lomo film! :) x

    Sophie - They tasted lovely :) x

    Hello Bee - YES! I did! The challenge is supposed to start tomorrow but it might be delayed a bit. I'll be sure to post lots of photos <3 x

  15. lovely photos xx

  16. The milkshake and cupcake look so good! Pink for Valentine's! Love it.

  17. Oooh the cupcake looks adorable. Well done making the macaroons, I can't say I've braved trying them out yet :P

    Fiona x

  18. I've been wanting to try macaroons recipe too! And what a great sky colours- I love it the best when it's beautiful colours like that ! :)

  19. That sunset is beautiful! I bet your macarons were still tasty though and the cupcakes look like heaven, one of my favourite flavour combinations. I'm not going to say anymore on the MO fiasco, you know my feelings :( xx

  20. wow what is the umbrella print fabric??
    if it 's clothing, i need pointing in the direction of where i can find it :) Xx

  21. Haha sorry for giving you cravings! It was actually a bubblegum cocktail, but it did have bananas in it! x