Friday, 25 February 2011

something golden

BASECOAT: models own 'vintage pink' & h&m 'gold' | DETAILS: rhinestones

Everytime I post my nail art I get a lot of comments from people wanting to do their own nail art but saying that it looks too difficult, or people who don't own any nail art pens, so I thought post a simple nail art tutorial that hopefully a few of you will find helpful!

Here's what you will need for creating this look. Obviously any colours would work, but these are the ones I chose as I wanted to stay fairly neutral to match what I'm wearing to go out this weekend. I think two bright contrasting colours would look great too. Also, you don't need to use rhinestones if you don't have them - I think I actually prefer it without them!

Once you've painted your nails with your first base colour wrap some masking tape (not normal sellotape - it's too sticky!) around your nails to help you get a straight line and paint on your second colour. Painting your strokes upwards - from the tape up to the tip of your nail - will give you the neatest line as the polish is less likely to be brushed under the tape.

Wait for it to dry fully. I got a bit impatient and as you can see most of my gold tips have smudged so for best results you should leave it for longer than I did before slowly peeling off your masking tape. And voila - you should have some straight lines! You can then apply your rhinestones (if you want) by putting on a layer of clear top coat, pushing them down with a toothpick and putting another thin layer of top coat on once the first has dried.

It was so quick and easy to create this and I'm already thinking of other combinations to try. I've thought of some ideas involving leopard print, matte and gloss finishes and creating more than just one tip. I'd love to see what you come up with if you try it! Feel free to send me a twitpic or an email with your designs.


  1. I really like these! I love using rhinestones too, they're so much fun - I love the tacky bling bling vibe they have haha. I'm such a loser. I tried using sellotape the other day for straight lines and it didn't work (duh!) so I bought some french tip guides and they're so good x

  2. Love the gold polish. Can't believe it's H&M! Pretty nails. :) x

  3. This is such a lovely colour combination! Thanks for the tutorial, it makes it seem really simple, think I will definitely be trying this out,usually when I see nail art I like I get scared thinking 'ahh I could never do that' but you've really simpled it up explaining it like this, thank you :) xx

  4. your nails look really great, such cute little rhinestones. I use those hole reinforcer stickers for french tips and half moons :) have you tried marbling yet?

  5. Lucy - I'm not a huge fan of rhinestones on nail art. I do like them on others but I don't think they're very 'me'! Strange though cos I do really love those big bling phone cases! :o x

    Anna - I know, me neither! H&M so have some nice polishes and my friend swears by their bronzer too. x

    Floral skirts.. - Your welcome :) I think I might do a few more, a lot of people think nail art is always really difficult but there are a lot of simple things that can be done and it looks just as good as some of the really intricate things. x

    Claire Louise - I haven't tried marbling yet, but I keep meaning to! I was just saying on Twitter last night that the hole reinforcers would be good for french tips and half moons - will need to pick some up! x

  6. Wow - the half and half style is really well done, and you've chosen great colours!

  7. They look lovely :) I love that vintage pink colour, i might have to find that colour! :))

  8. oooh pretty, the colours go really well together x

  9. Love this post, I'm definitely gonna try this look. You should do some more nail tutorials x

  10. Rachel - Thank you :) x

    Patsoir - Boots are doing 3 for 2 on Models Own at the moment! It's a really nice colour. I wasn't sure at first but it's grown on me x

    Jasmin - Thank you, hopefully they'll go with my new dress too! x

    Mia - Thanks Mia, I think I will do some more :) Let me see what you come up with when you do yours x

  11. love this idea! i have a bright blue h&m nail polish and i love it!xx

  12. amazing! they look sooo good for a diy job!
    deffinetly try this sometime :) xo

  13. I'd love to see a leopard print tutorial...I have tried before and failed miserably so if you can find an idiot proof way to do it I would be very grateful!!

    The vintage pink on this look is lovely, I have Models Own Nude Beige and I love it, the polishes have great staying power too!!


  14. I love that lovely little sparkly nail gems wheel! :) your nails look lovely too :)x

  15. Sophie - thanks! i think i might have the same blue nail varnish, it's lovely :) x

    Jennie - they're a bit messy but I love the simplicity! x

    Helen - I don't think I'll do a leopard print one as there are lots of those already. Gem does a really good one here: x

    Olivia - I love the wheel too - there are so many gems in it and it was really cheap too! Bargain! x

  16. I absolutely love this! Really want to give this a go one day :) x

  17. Charlene yay!! Nail tutorial that I actually COULD do !! I think I just will :) THank you , thank you!!

  18. Oooooh I might have give this a go!

  19. I LOVE this, will definitely be trying it :) Thank you x

  20. oooh looks lovely! I like your box of gems, lots of different colours so you could do lots of colour combinations.
    Hope you're having a good weekend

  21. Ahhh the masking tape thing is so simple! Looks great.

  22. love them colours together xx

  23. Really love this idea, looks so cute. I might have to try it out x

  24. i had never thought of masking tape to be used like that, how clever!

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