Thursday, 10 February 2011

i won't just be a puppet on a string

SKIRT: h&m | VEST: cheap mondays | CARDIGAN: h&m | NECKLACE: Lady Luck Rules Ok (RIP)

You're going to get fed up seeing this cardigan but I honestly haven't been able to stop wearing it since buying it. Lily posted wearing the jumper version a few days ago and although I don't usually like wearing jumpers I'm tempted to go and see if my local H&M has it! I'm loving anything with elbow pads at the moment and hope to see more of them on the high street!

I've spent the day sorting out my clothes and photographing things to sell to make way for a new Summer wardrobe. I was supposed to be working this evening but my team leader gave me a call and asked me if I wanted to take the night off because I've still got quite a lot of annual leave to use up. YES PLEASE! I've made plans to go out for coffee and a catch up with a friend later on and I can't wait. It's really difficult to book annual leave at work (which is why I have so many hours left) so you have no idea how happy I am that they've actually offered it.

It's almost the weekend again, how did that happen? I think I'm having a girly night in with a friend on Saturday and we're having a Jason Stratham movie marathon which should be fun! What's everyones plans for the weekend? Anyone doing anything exciting?

Oh and I signed up for Tumblr again a few nights ago. Feel free to follow me leave your links as a comment and I'll follow back.


  1. I love that cardigan, I would be wearing it everyday too! It such a lovely colour.
    Im not doing anything all weekend and strangly looking forward to it! I'll probs just watch a few films with the boyfriend and eat lots of junk food!
    Mmmm I like a bit of Jason Stratham haha!

  2. Love it, I've never thought to wear an elbow patch item. I think it reminds me of howard moon in that ep of mighty boosh haha. But they look so cool xxx

  3. So cute. Love the skirt it looks great :)

  4. Adorable! I love the cardigan, so I don't blame you for never taking it of, hahaha. It's a gorgeous colour and looks wonderful on you!
    I've been meaning to get a tumblr... I just don't know what I'd do with it, you know? Hmm...

  5. Sophie - It doesn't help that it looks good with so many things I own! Someitimes those quiet weekends at home with the boy are my favourites - enjoy! :) x

    Gem - It reminds me of that too! x

    Carlinn - Thank you :)

    Michelle - Thank you! I got a tumblr mainly to use as somewhere to collect lots of pretty pictures haha ;) I also have one that I use as a wishlist. x

  6. The whole outfit looks great! I'd love to see a detail of that LLRO necklace :) The elbow patches cardi is so cool! :D

  7. Gorgeous! I absolutely love your skirt - I want!!
    My tumblr is:
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your week and weekend lovely! xo

  8. really liek nthe way you combined this ♥

  9. love how perfect your hair always is
    and the elbow patches look stunning

  10. Ah your tumblr is lovely, just started following you! :) xoxo


    bit of nail art & illustration you might fancy :)

  12. love the cardigan, i need some things with elbow patches on! x

  13. Ahhhh! I feel like this cardigan is taunting me. After seeing LLYMLRS in the jumper version I went into H&M today to have a look. My friend talked me out of buying the cardigan, even though I really love it and I come home to see this!

    I'm going to have to go back and get this cardigan. I absolutely adore it! You look beautiful :)

  14. I love the print on your skirt. Hope you have a fun evening off:)

  15. I'm in loooove with the cardi! I def need some elbow patches in my life. Ooh, I have a tumblr.
    I think it's

    I've added you though I believe...and I think you already follow me on it. Therefore, this renders this as unneccessary. Hahahaa.

  16. Love this skirt and the cardigan! I saw the cardigan a while ago but I wasn't sure, regretting it slightly now though!

  17. Love that cardigan, I also have it :) xx

  18. Cardigan is so pretty.Great outfit :)X

  19. you have made me want this cardigan! it looks lovely on you xo

  20. Great cardi! I started off on tumblr and while I post there I find that I like blogspot a lot better. It's less just random posting you know?

    Lovely post!

  21. P.s. I forgot to add how fab your hair looks in these photos

  22. Love this :)
    the body con & baggy tshirt combo is my fav at the mo. I really like the cardie too

  23. Meg - I always forget to photograph my accessories in detail - will no doubt wear it again and soon take some close ups :) x

    Ash - Thank you lovely x

    Jess - Thank you! Would you believe it was only £6.99 aswell!? I'm following you :) xx

    Lulu - Thank you! Bodycons and baggy tops are a favourite of mine just now. So easy! x

    Sara - Thank you so much :) x

    Katie - I think I'm following you back too! x

    Kia - Thanks for the link x

    Katie Styles - I'm loving the elbow patches! There's quite a lot in mens wear just now but hopefully we'll see more in womanise stuff x

    Alex - Haha I hate when that happens! How did your friend talk you out of it? For £15 it's a great piece to have, think how much wear you'll get from it! x

    Gem - Thank you :) I had a lovely night x

    Bee - Hahaha, loved your comment! I'm following you, as you know ;) x

    Cherry - Thanks! :) x

    Sophie Isobel - You should go back and get it ;) x

    Dan - It's lovely isn't it? :) x

    Leila - Thanks! x

    Joanne - Thank you, I love the cardigan so much :) x

    Klee - Everyone needs to own this cardigan! Seriously. x

    Alissa - I don't really compare blogger and tumblr, to me they're 2 different things? Blogger is definitely more personal but I just like tumblr for looking at the pretty pictures ;) x

    Steph - It's a favourite of mine too, it's so easy and comfy to wear. x

  24. cute look

  25. i adore that cardigan! i think there was a similar one at zara and i want it soooo bad! your hair looks amazing by the way. (:

  26. I love the cardigan :) & the top! I just can't seem to pull off those skirts :( You put it all together great ♥

  27. I keep seeing this cardigan over the blogosphere, and I am so tempted to buy it! It's gorgeous.


  28. I want this skirt! I've wanted it for ages, damn frugal february means I must wait..

    I loveeee Jason Statham! Enjoy your marathon! :D x

  29. very lovely cardi, and i think i have that necklace it a glottery fox??

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