Sunday, 16 January 2011

week in photos #1

One of my goals for 2011 is to use my camera more. I'm good at remembering to take it out with me, but really bad at actually using it. I've decided make a weekly feature and post a few of the photos I've taken throughout the week.

001. My Lush stash. This week I've been using Snow Fairy (which I've stocked up on as it's only available at Christmas!) on my hair, The Comforter to create a pink bubbley bath heaven and Lemony Flutter to keep my cuticles nice and soft.

002-003. Went for a late lunch at Frankie and Bennys after a day of shopping. Their mushroom alfredo is to die for, as is their mushroom and goats cheese calzone. Yum!

004. I got all dressed up and tried out my new Eyelure 107 lashes. They're a bit OTT though! I think I'll stick to my 101's in the future.

005. I bought another pair of wedges the same as my favourite black ones because I love them that much! They are the comfiest shoes ever and are so easy to walk in! I wore them with my River Island nautical dress for a party last night.

006-007. I've been eating healthily and making a lot of fresh fruit smoothies, but just couldn't resist this chocolate orange. Not to worry though as the lovely Gem informed me that it actually counts as one of my five a day. Brilliant! ;)

Hope everyone else had a lovely week! I've just noticed that I've reached 100 followers and I just want to thank every single one of you for reading and commenting!


  1. Corr, jealous of your LUSH stash. I loooooooove Frankie and Benny's. I've never tried those dishes but they sound yum! Your wedges look beaut (:

  2. great news about the terrys chocolate orange!
    you take really lovely pictures x

  3. Congratulations on 100 followers, you totally deserve all of them :) Wow, I love the fact Terry's chocolate orange counts as a five a day! Shame none of the other chocolates do! Those wedges look gorgeous, I need to find a pair of really comfy heels :) xoxo

  4. Yay Lush :)
    Love The Shoes :) x

  5. bee - thanks! i always do a huge shop in their half price sale on boxing day and then just so smaller shops throughout the year. i am a bit of a lush addict! you should try those dishes next time you go! i've already organised another visit for the end of the month! xx

    jen - thank you :) if only it was true that chocolate counts towards one of your five a day! xx

    katie - aww, thanks! it doesn't really count as one of your five a day, but we can dream can't we?! heels are never comfy to me, wedges are AMAZING though, you should try a pair on! new look have loads in for £20-25 just now. xx

    gemma - thank you. i love lush! xx

  6. Love your photos Charlene!

    I dont like the wedges on me, but I bet you look super in them!

  7. Oooh your Lush stash looks lovely (: I'm still so sad that I don't have a bath at Uni, nor would I be able to keep up with water bills haha! I've wanted a pair of those black wedges forevz but can't justify another pair of going-out shoes at the moment ): Congrats on 100 followers sweet! xxx

  8. Wow so, so much Lush stuff!
    Love the design of your blog btw :)

  9. Rani - Thanks! I think I look better in heels to be honest but I find it impossible to walk in them! xx

    Michelle - I don't know what I'd do without a bath! As you can tell by the amount of Lush I have, I love my baths! I don't actually have a shower though so things like emotibombs go to waste on me! :) xx

    Ingrid - That's only the top layer of it all! ;) It's stored in one of their big hatboxes. I'm getting a bit bored of the blog design already, but thank you! xx

  10. ahh you should post a photo of you in the lashes, i'd love to see what they look like on! ♥ elle x

  11. Oooh all your lush things are lovely. I say the word 'lush' loads, a very south Wales thing-'That's mega lush that is' makes no sense!
    I digress...
    I'm going to try and take more photos too but also edit them a bit. I don't have photoshop but I can use some free things online

  12. Congratulations on reaching 100 followers :) Your hair looks so good in that photo! xx

  13. love both pairs of wedges and you have quite an impressive lush stash! congrats on 100 followers :) x

  14. I think I need to start making a Lush collection - I bet it smells divine ;)
    And Terry's Chocolate Orange = <3

    Rosie x

  15. Oooh I love Lush stuff! I always go through them so slowly, using only a teeny bit of the bubble bars at a time to make them last! Their face masks are pretty good too! That smoothie looks delish, but I don't think I could resist a Terry's Chocolate Orange, yum :p xx

  16. Well done on 100 followers :)
    I love these photos, especially the Lush one! I got quite a few bubble bars for Christmas and this photo makes me want to have a bath now! xx

  17. nice shots, I love the Lush stuff :)


  18. Elle - I might do that! I've got a post planned that I could possibly include them in :) They are SO long though! xx

    Gem - Our manager at work is Welsh and he constantly says the word "lovely". Whenever I speak to Welsh customers I find myself falling into their accent! Haha :) xx

    Sarah - Thank you! It's almost time to give my fringe a trim again! xx

    head over heels - thank you :) i love the wedges so much.. wish they came in even more colours, i'd buy them all! xx

    Rosie - If I leave the lid of the box it fragrances my whole room! ♥ Choosing what to use is the hardest thing though! xx

    Rachelous - I always break everything up too. A bubble bar gets a good 3 or 4 baths for me! I've not tried many of the face masks but I think I might soon! xx

    Zoët - Thanks hun :) I love the bubble bars, especially the comforter and candy cane! xx

    Little Miss Curious - thank you :) xx

  19. i adore your photography! that lush basket looks like edible good :) following! xx

  20. Lovely photos! made me go yum, yum, yum all the way to the bottom :) look forward to seeing this as a weekly feature from you, Im such a nosy parker ;) haha. I like doing 'photo dump' posts too, but when I'm out with friends or the boyf, I hate having to tell them WHY im taking such random photos! they know now tho :p xx

  21. I've never purchased anything from LUSH myself, but from reviews i've read, i KNOW i should be jealous of your stash!
    + those wedges are lovely!! xx

  22. Your photography is amazing, I can't wait to see more :) Mmm, you're making me want Frankie & Benny's now! x

  23. Those wedges are so lovely, where are they from? I need to start being more healthy too :)

    R x