Thursday, 6 January 2011

topshop ss11

Being a huge fan of Topshop I was excited to see what they would come out with in their SS11 collections. The first look at their 5 collections has not long appeared on the website so I thought I would show you my favourite key pieces so far.

First up is Snow Queen which is bursting with colours that remind you of dusky landscapes and winter icicles, warm knits and fur. I like that a lot of the key items are very delicate and pretty whereas the knits and furs toughen it up. I'm not usually one to buy clothes in pale colours but I do really like this collection. I feel that my wardrobe is going to be stuffed full of rusty oranges and beiges in no time so this collection might be a good thing for me. I can't remember the last time I wore a pair of trousers as I don't think they flatter my body shape well but it's something that seems to be in trend at the moment and I've seen quite a lot of pairs that I love. Maybe I will take the plunge next time I'm shopping and try some on!

This collection, Demi Couture, is probably my favourite collection. I found myself struggling to choose which items to feature as there were just so many that I like. I love the fact that peterpan colours, polka dots and leopard print are all included in this cute 60s feel collection. I can see myself buying a lot of items, especially since there are so many beige and rusty coloured ones. I also really like the hold ups and tights that are on the website so far, so hopefully there will be more of those in stores soon!

Snake Valley is probably my least favourite of the collections. Don't get me wrong, there are a few items that I like, but it just isn't my style at all. The collection aims to bring a "new breed of festival girl" to town and is packed full of patterns, fringes and tie-die and even snake skin. I can picture this collection looking amazing on someone with the same sort of style as Rumi from Fashiontoast but it's just not me at all!

After looking at the Abigail's Party collection again I really can't which is my favourite between that and Demi Couture. Abigail's Party is a 70s inspired collection with gorgeous platforms, nipped in waists and pussy bows. What's not to love, except maybe the bell-bottoms?

And finally, there's The Outsiders which seems to be a mixture of country bumpkin style with a hint of militaria. The items that stand out for me are the paper bag skirts (I have my eye on this one!) and again, the trousers! I also adore the belted cord shorts pictured above but don't think they're something that I would wear.

So there you have it - the latest Topshop collections in my own words! As with all Topshop collections there are lots of items that look like they've come straight off of the catwalk, and lots that I can't imagine seeing anyone walk down the street wear but there are also SO many items that I've added to my bookmarks and can see myself buying! All of the shops are now getting their SS10 stock in and I just know that my bank balance is going to suffer this next month or two!


  1. I love Demi Couture and Abigails party. Wish chunky heels looked good because those dusky pink ones are so cute! I'm glad the peter pan collar trend is sticking around.
    I like a lot of things in the new Primark collection too. Looks like it's going to be a good season for clothes x

  2. Think my fav is Abigail's Party here. But i love the colour palette of Snow Queen. I think i prefer Matalan's ss10 collection though! :)


  3. so hard to pic a favourite!! That toffee coloured dress is amazing xx

  4. hey hun! thank you so much for the advice on my blog about diana cameras! its great advice and saying i dont know anyone who has one i need all the help i can get! :) xo

  5. I'm so obsessed with the topshop paperbag skirts I have it in two of the colours now and want the rest haha! Just love it!


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