Friday, 14 January 2011

night of the hunter

baby bear faux fur trapper hat - accessorize

Do you ever lust after something for weeks ands weeks, and you just know that you've got to buy it? That's what happened with this faux fur trapper hat from Accessorize. I'm not usually a fan of fur, or any of those other animal hats in stores at the moment. Actually, I'm not a hat person at all and I've never owned (or even thought I suited) a hat before seeing this one. I tried it on in the beginning of December and fell in love. Every time I passed Accessorize I would go inside and try it on again and again. But it cost £24, and not being a hat person, I wasn't sure if I could justify it!

In the end I got money for Christmas and since I hadn't been able to stop thinking about it, I decided that I really had to buy it. I absolutely love the hat, as you can probably tell by now, and I'm so glad I bought it. I haven't worn it that much yet because a large part of me just feels so strange wearing a hat, especially such a 'silly' hat like this. I still can't decide whether I actually suit it, or whether I look absolutely ridiculous. Either way? I love it!

Have you ever fallen in love with something completely ridiculous, or something you wouldn't usually wear, but just felt that you had to own it?


  1. I just stumbled across your blog and love it - following now :)
    It completely suits you, and was definitely worth the money!

    Rosie x

  2. amazing hat and it suits you so perfectly!

  3. I do exactly the same thing once I get something in my head that I have to buy. I decided I wanted a varsity jacket recently and obsessed over it so much I started dreaming about it! I think you can definitely justify the money if you loved it that much, and that's what Christmas money is for! It's an amazing hat and it really does suit you :)

  4. I think you totally suit it, it's really cute without being OTT twee! It's the perfect medium, plus practical because it will actually keep your head toasty for the rest of winter.

    I am always falling hopelessly in love with either silly items, or items that are extortianately out of my budget. But if you obsess and obsess in the end you just have to treat yourself........ before the item goes out of stock and you pine for it forever more! x

  5. Rosie - thank you! i've just had a look at your blog, love it! xx

    Annie - aww thank you! :) xx

    Rosie I think I actually dreamt about the hat too! It's crazy how we can get so obsessed! I always feel better buying something expensive when I can class it as a gift!

    Bee - Haha yeah, it's actually TOO warm. I had it on in the car 1 day and was far too hot! The fear out it going out of stock (or even worse - reduced in the sale and then out of stock!) was one thing I was really worried about! xx

  6. this is so cute! i'm the same with hats - i'm not used to wearing them so if i do buy one it tends to go unworn x

  7. I love this trapper hat; it reminds me of something from Where The Wild Things Are! Very cute :)

  8. I love the hat! So nice! But yeah, £24 for a hat is hard to justify :S
    I have a furry hat similar to this with a bunny face and ears. I bought it cos i fell in love, but it really isn't a hat that i'm brave enough to wear.


  9. Ooh I'm totally a hat person, it's a bit of a guilty obsession for me, tehe.
    I love your trapper hat!


  10. Ooh, sweet hat! It looks so nice and warm too.

  11. head over heels - i worried that this one would go unworn but i'm really going to try and wear it a lot more than i have been doing! xx

    kirsty - thanks xx

    amaris - oh that's so true! i love that film! xx

    anna - i usually justify things by working out cost per wear of the item.. this hat is sitting quite high at the moment but hopefully i can wear it more and justify the cost :) you should go for it and wear your hat more, we can try it together! xx

    spence - you really suit hats, i absolutely loved your wolf hat!! :) xx

    katie - it's REALLY warm! thank you xx

    jazzy - thank you :) xx

    sarah - thanks love! xx