Wednesday, 12 January 2011

coma cat

cat print tunic: dorothy perkins
studded tan belt: primark
scrabble ring: made by me

After mentioning it in my wishlist last month I just knew I had to buy this cat print tunic from Dorothy Perkins. I bought it on one of the many discount events that they have and it cost around £21, instead of the original £32 it was priced at. I'm glad I got it cheaper since it has now went into the sale for £15! One of my biggest annoyances is when you pay full price for something and it later goes into the sale. Even worse when it's in the sale and there are plenty of your size left!

I can't believe it's Wednesday already, I don't feel like I've done much this week. I've done a little bit of job hunting, but there's nothing really being advertised at the moment that doesn't involve moving to England, something that I don't think I could do! Yesterday was spent shopping (saying that, I only spent £6 since I had a lot of things to return) with my friend. She had no money and was trying to resist temptation from using her credit card so we didn't really spend much time looking through the shops, we're going to save that for pay day. I did buy a pair of wedges from New Look for a 21st party I'm going this weekend. I've narrowed it down to 2 different dresses and a playsuit but I probably won't decide until I'm getting ready on Saturday!

I don't know if anyone checks back or not, but I've started replying to all of the lovely comments you leave me. I know I always forget to check back to posts I've commented on, so I've also set up a Formspring where you can ask any questions you have!


  1. This is such a cute dress, I really like your ring as well xx

  2. aaargh I loved that blouse but it looked awful on me. I'm a sucker for anything with animals on. It's great too because it has purple and mustard cats on it so you can put a few colours with it. That belt is a great primark find.
    You could post all the birthday outfit choices and get a vote on what looks best, a second opinion is always good x

  3. the shape and print on the blouse is lovely, i love how you simply teamed it with a belt and leggings. i think i've mentioned it before, but i adore the way you edit your photographs! xx

  4. Thats a beautiful top, i saw that in dorothyperkins the otherday actually !! It looks gorgeous. and you should totally do that "make your own sswish" thing!! have you seen the advert ??

  5. love the tunic! looks so cute on you. eee can't wait to get my scrabble ring :)xx

  6. i love this top, the cat print is adorable! and the belt looks lovely with it :) xo

  7. Love that shirt on you! I love the print! Thanks for linking it, that's definitley getting added to my shopping basket! <3

  8. I like buying things that are on my wishlist for a long time.. glad you got yours! Ive been non-stop learning for school. blah. can't believe I have to wait another 2 weeks to go shopping.. my money might all be gone just for bills by then:( Though im not in a need of anything really bad at the mom.

  9. Gorgeous tunic sweet, I might have to pop and get this if it's in the sale! You look so pretty in these photos (: xx

  10. Zoët - thank you! i absolutely love the cat print!xx

    Gem - it looked awful without the belt on me but I had to buy it! The belt was reduced to £1 in Primark, amazing! I bought the black one too! I might do that and post all of my outfit choices if I have the time. :) xx

    Jazabelle - Aww thank you! I was in a rush to get ready this morning but I like the simpleness of this outfit! xx

    Ifee - I hadn't seen the 'make your own swish' thing but I've just Googled it and it looks like fun! :D xx

    Klee - Thank youuu! I love anything with an animal print! I hope you like your ring when it arrives! xx

    Jennie - Thanks! The belt was only £1, could you believe it?

    Shope - Glad you like it, I can see you looking great in it aswell! Hope you get it :) xx

    Cylia - I bet you'll be glad to treat yourself after all your work at school! I never really 'need' anything either but you always end up spending money on something, don't you!? xx

    Michelle - Thanks you lovey :) You should see if they have it! I almost haven't been able to take it off since buying it! xx

  11. That ALWAYS happens to me and it's so annoying. I love the cat tunic + scrabble ring! Thinking of making myself one of them too ;) x

  12. i adore this blouse, not something i would normally look at but i love that you paired it with just a belt and leggings and it looks so cute! x

  13. You look amazing. I love the first photo :) xx

  14. Argh I hate it when something I buy goes into the sale; not only because it's annoying that you could have bought it for cheaper but because it makes me feel like I have no taste as obviously noone else wanted to buy it! I love the cat tunic though, and the first photo is awesome!xx

  15. Leila - thank you! the scrabble rings are so easy to make :) xx

    Nicky - i wanted something simple to show off the print.. that and I was in a rush to get ready. ;) Thanks xx

    Sarah - thank you! xx

    Rosie - I always feel the same too, that the item is ugly and no one would ever buy it... except me! At the same time though, I do love a good sale bargain! Thank you xx

    Kirsty - thanks love :) xx

  16. oooh this is lovely. I rarely go into Dorothy Perkins, but i love this tunic, the cat print is adorable, so i may have to pay it a visit :)

  17. Oh my, that tunic is absolutely gorgeous. You look beaut (: Ooh, the tunic was a bargain. Mm, I'm starting job hunting again next week. There's bugger all :/ Thanks for the comment on my blog sweet.

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