Thursday, 27 January 2011

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CARDIGAN: dorothy perkins | TOP: h&m | SKIRT: h&m

You'll have to excuse the photos today. I've been having an off week. I feel as though I have nothing nice to wear, my hair is annoying, and I took some sort of allergic reaction in my friends house last night and my eyes have been bloodshot, itchy and watering since then. I have no idea what caused it as the only thing that usually does this to me is cats - and she's lived in the house all her life without any pets! At least it's almost the end of the week though, and here's hoping next week is better!

I bought this floral vest top, along with a coloured version, a few months ago from H&M for just £2.99. It's such a good basic and is versatile and easy to wear. I need more pieces like this in my wardrobe! I'm so excited to get paid on Monday so that I can go shopping.

A few nights ago a friend linked me to the website of talented photographer, Darcy Padilla and her photo documentary titled The Julie Project. The project spans over the past 18 years and tells the story of Julie Baird, a poverty stricken mother to four and a drug addict battling AIDS along with her partner. The photos are brutal, emotional and breathtaking at the same time. Julie died in September 2010 and Darcy is now trying to trace Baird's children, given up for adoption, in order to tell them their mother's story and set up scholarships for them. Julie's story is not unique, but it is interesting and has opened my eyes a lot so I thought I should share it.


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  2. your hair is lovely.
    my hair is blonde and just out of control curly. i would love to be able to pull of the red shade an fringe like you do but i just wouldn't suit it at all.
    oh well ... the grass is always greener and all that :)
    i know what you mean about basic clothes. shopping to me generally means buying gorgeous things nd plain practical clothes take a major back seat :)

  3. thanks rani! xx

    ellie - thank you - i'm sure you're hair is lovely! my hair is poker straight and doesn't hold waves or anything so i'd love to have curls! it's not as red as it looks in the photos - the lighting has just been strange! xx

  4. Sorry to echo what the others have said but your hair really does look lovely!
    I love your outfit too, looks gorgeous! xo

  5. I just read up on the Julie project and have to say I am incredibly moved at the story. It's certainly made me see things differently and made me realise just how much I admire some journalists for really reaching out to people. What a stunning story.

  6. I wish my hair was annoying as yours! You always give me serious hair envy... I love the colours youre wearing today, grey is very underrated IMO. I have bookmarked the Julie project to read later as I am off to see black swan in a few minutes xx

  7. I like how the outfit contrasts with your hair :)

  8. love the outfit and I think your hair looks prefect x

  9. wow, just looked at the julie project - what a powerful and amazing photo document of her life. Makes you hope that Darcy finds her kids doesn't it :-)

  10. You look lovely - and I really want one of those skirts!

  11. I've just read through all of Darcy Padilla's project and wow, what a moving website. I feel so sorry for Julie.

  12. Thank you Jess! xx

    Bee - I love documentary photography for that reason. We know these things go on in the world but projects like this really make you realise how serious they are! xx

    Sarah - Haha! You're welcome to have it! ;) I think everyone's hair annoys them anyway.. Hope you enjoyed Black Swan :) xx

    Meg - haha, I never thought of it that way, but I guess it does! thank you :) xx

    Stefany - thank you! I love your hair, it's such a perfect length! Your blog looks great, have bookmarked it for reading in the morning. xx

    pink - I really hope she does! Hopefully she will update the website and let us know if she finds any of them. xx

    Rachel - Thank you! I think the skirt was only £7.99 and I wear it SO MUCH. Definitely an investment, get one! xx

    Cheryl - I feel really sorry for her too, especially because her kids were taken away so suddenly. xx

  13. Aw, you look just fine and so does your hair! I have *those* days all the time, don't even worry.
    Love the top! It really is necessary to have a good, basic patterned top that you can wear with almost anything. Also - great buy at that bargain price!

  14. Love that top, great price too! I'm waiting for my frilly h&m one to arrive. Your hair looks fab, mine always looks the same even if I spend ages on it xx

  15. I love the outfit, especially the skirt!

  16. ahh, ur skirt looks cute on u

    PS: anyway, may i ask ur bb pin? if u fancy pls reply on my email, thx bunch!


  17. Beautiful photos and outfit; the print on your vest is stunning. :D
    Hope you're feeling better soon! :D

  18. You look fab! black bodybons just go with everything! xx