Wednesday, 1 December 2010

horses & snow

top; peacocks
cardigan; topshop

After being snowed in for 2 days I finally managed to dig my car out and this morning I went shopping with my Mum. We had a 40% off Peacocks voucher that was given to me by a friend who works there. Peacocks isn't a shop I would usually shop in but they have some really nice items and with the 40% off it was all quite cheap. I really liked a few pairs of shoes and boots but they had completely sold out of my size!

I bought the top above, some plain black leggings and some Christmas gift bags (errr, how exciting!). The top was only £7.20 with discount, and the leggings were around £6 for a pack of 2 - bargain! I've got a bit of a thing for horse prints and camel coloured clothing at the moment and couldn't resist it.

I'm back to work tonight after being off since Sunday. I only work 4 hour shifts during the week but it's been really busy lately and the heating has been broken for the past few weeks (we had to wear our coats and gloves on Saturday - it was that cold!) so I'm not really looking forward to it.

I've just this minute received my email to tell me who I'm buying for in the Blogger Secret Santa that was organised by Rani and I'm SO excited to start shopping for them! The list they have given is quite short compared to the one I sent but I have a good idea of what I'm going to buy already! Cannot believe it's only 24 days until Christmas. I think I'm going to make a Christmas playlist for the drive to work tonight! What's everyones favourite Christmas song?


  1. that is a nicee top! i need to go to peacocks!

  2. i adore your topshop cardigan, it looks like such an investment piece! oh, how i wish i had some extra money to buy it with, hehe. i love your hair colour and makeup too, by the way! xx

  3. Ooh I also have a 40% off voucher in Peacocks, I'm off there tomorrow to splurge a lotta mulah on clothes I don't need ;) I may have to follow suit and buy this top, so gorgeous! xxxx

  4. Jazzabelle - it is a good investment piece, I've worn it SO many times and have definitely got my moneys worth already. It looks good with anything and is really warm too!

    Michelle - They had lots of lovely boots and brogues Michelle so definitely keep an eye out for them! I wasn't overly impressed with the clothes.. but the footwear... coulda spent loads if they had my size!

  5. Love you cardi!

    The snow is starting to get on my wick now, not been out since sat, well I went to work on Tue if that counts!

    Blog, facebook, twitter.... thanks god we ave them eh x

  6. I really like that top! I dont usually shop in peacocks either but on saturday past I bought a really funky black jumpsuit, however when I took it home and got all ready, i bent over and it split right up both sides ...Mmmpft! maybe a died is needed haha

    gorgeous blog, please come follow me too, I have a great giveaway run at the moment be sure to follow and enter kirsty x

  7. hey lady, just found your blog via Rani's ... so wanted to say hellooooo - always lovely to find a fellow scot :) x


  8. i love those vouchers! and your cardie is adorable :) x

  9. YAY PEACOCKS! I work there so am a little biased. Honestly I never normally shop in there either, but it's amazing how encouraging a 40% voucher is!
    Love that horse print top, and your hair looks so!


  10. Wow 40% off? Thats so goooood.
    Cute outfit :)


  11. Just found your blog through cupcake couture... more than a little bit in love with that topshop cable knit! Looking forward to your next post :)

  12. Ohh I love that top!

    Im so excited about the secret santa, I want the next two weeks to disapear so I can get right into christmas!

  13. I just bought that T shirt and had 40% off too, Cardiff Uni staff had the discount for one weekend. I loved all the Pearl Lowe stuff but it had all sold out and none of the nice pieces were left :(