Friday, 10 December 2010

love predictor

dress: forever 21
cardigan: primark mens
boots: new look
necklace: this charming girl
ring: made by me

This post is actually cheating because I wore this yesterday. I did have intentions of posting yesterday afternoon but a quick journey into town turned into spending the whole day wrapping Christmas presents! I think I'm almost finished my Christmas shopping, I've got seven things to arrive through the post and I'm going shopping today to get a few more bits and pieces. All I'm waiting on is for my Mum to agree to putting the tree up! How are you all getting on with your Christmas shopping? Have you finished? Not even started?

So anyway, onto the clothes! This dress was one of my first purchases from Forever 21. I think for only £11 it's such a well-made dress (much better than Primark quality!) and it fits nicely too. The panel emphasises your waist nicely and it definitely gives the illusion of being a few cup sizes bigger too! My only complaint is that at 5ft 7" it's a little bit short when I bend over but most dresses are so it's no biggie. I'm considering buying one in every colour - it's just that good, and easy to wear!

The cardigan was borrowed from Liam after getting snowed in because, not expecting the snow, I had turned up to his with just a tshirt and a cardigan and it was far too cold to go home wearing just that.

I don't quite have enough space for full length photos so I apologise that you can't see the boots in full. These are my snow and ice boots! They're the only pair of boots I have that have a decent grip on them so I haven't taken the off recently for fear of slipping outside!

When I was getting ready I noticed the love-predictor necklace hanging on my dresses and until then I had completely forgot I owned it. It's a little bit tarnished now (my faulty! I really should look after my jewellery more) so I might clean it up a bit at another time but I actually quite like the worn look it has. I made the Scrabble ring myself, it's something I've been doing for a bit of extra money!

I do have another dress from Forever 21 that I want to post but I'm really not sure on whether I want to keep it or not so I'd love some opinions on it. Look out for that post on Sunday.


  1. i love the purple and teal together!

  2. I love your dress! I wish I lived anywhere remotely near Birmingham if not just to have a browse in Forever 21, I don't want to risk ordering online yet! Gorgeous outfit, I have a similar necklace to that (:

  3. I havent bought anything from f21 yet, but that dress is a total bargain! :) you look lovely. I have finished my christmas shopping, thank goodness. couldnt face a weekend meltdown heading into town in this pre christmas chaos! hope you manage to persuade your mum to get the tree up :) my boyfriend took much persuading last weekend - I called him scrooge and he eventually gave in :p xx

  4. The dress is so pretty! I think i wouldn't give it a second glace if i saw it on a hanger but now i've seen it being worn i'm gonna give a look out for it when i go to the store ;)


  5. Ooh nothing from f21 had caught my eye but that dress is gorgeous, love the colour lots it really suits you <3 xoxo

  6. asos so a similar dress but it's double the price but you can get longer ones. I wear them to work and jazz them up with a big necklace and cardi.

  7. I actually love the lipstick you are wearing! It is such a pretty shade & goes with your hair. If that makes any sense?

    What lipstick it? xo

  8. aww thanks Shell. it's not actually a lipstick though - just my natural lips with some carmex on them! xx

  9. I love the colour of the dress. I went to forever 21 on Friday and was really unimpressed, nothing took my fancy at all. The store is HUGE though! xx