Friday, 24 December 2010

blogger secret santa

Argh, I'm so sorry for not blogging much this week! Like everyone else I've been caught up in last minute Christmas shopping and I've been working the past few nights too. Would you believe I'm working Christmas Eve, Boxing day and then I'm even working until 8pm on Hogmanay?! Awful. Hopefully it's quiet because they usually put everyones name into a hat and send a few people home early.

Anyway, my real reason for posting was to show you what I got from my Blogger secret santa. I managed to resist temptation and save it until today. Here's what I got...

Collection 2000 nail polishes in Mint Mojo, Parma Violets & Wham
Amazingly big Primark flower ring
White Chocolate and Strawberry buttons - my favourites, how did you know?!
More Thorntons chocolate and a gorgeous key keyring

I love everything my secret santa bought me and she even managed to buy me 3 nail polishes which are colours I don't already have! I have to say though, the keyring is probably my favourite present! I've been admiring lots of jewellery and accessories with keys on lately and I also needed a new keyring so that I could hook my house keys onto my car keys and stop annoying my Mum by locking myself out because I keep forgetting to take my house keys so this is perfect!

Thank you SO much Secret Santa, you've put together such a lovely present full of things that I would have chosen myself! ♥ I can't wait to see everyone else's gifts!


  1. My secret santa arrived but I can't open it until tomorrow. I took off the wrapping and my mum took it off me before I could open the box!
    The nail varnish is great, all nice colours. I like that minty one x

  2. Oooh the grey nail polish looks pretty!

  3. I thunk you have the wrong Robyn pet! I've fixed the links so you can check it out xx x

  4. So many pretty things! Happy new year from Norway

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