Monday, 22 November 2010

wedges all the way

Meet the new love of my life - my black suede peep toe wedges!

This is the first pair of wedges I have ever worn and I don't think I'll ever buy a pair of heels again. They're that good! I'm notoriously bad at walking in heels but when shoe shopping I am drawn to the highest pair of heels in the shop, the ones with the huge platforms and the little flimsy ankle supports. I've tried practicing walking in them before wearing them out, I've tried walking slowly and really concentrating and I've even tried just going for it and not thinking about it but despite my best efforts I've fell over so many times whilst wearing heels that it's a miracle I've not broken any bones. But with wedges? You get the height, you get the long legs and most importantly, you can walk in them and still be standing without any pain at the end of the night. What's not to love?

And it doesn't stop there. They were also an absolute bargain. Labelled as £24.99 I was impressed but when they scanned through at £19.99 and then were reduced even further, to just £17.99 I couldn't believe it! If only they had more colours and I would have snapped them all up!


  1. Ooooh, very nice indeed! Wedges are my absolute favourite style of shoes cos they look beautiful, are seriously comfy and add extra inches (I'm only 5'2" so thats very handy!) :)

    Love these cos they're so simple and elegant. Such a bargain too! ♥

  2. THese are HAWT!
    My mate has similar and gets so much wear out of them it's untrue.

  3. aaahhh love em :)

    and your wish list is super cute

  4. These look so nice but I'm too tall to wear a heel like that. Boo! Not fair :/

  5. eek, these are so lovely, and what a bargain. i really need to find a pair like this! also, i love your floorboards - so vintage and rustic!

    love, jazzabelle. xx

  6. these are so lovely! i've never bought wedges before, but they look quite comfy (:

  7. Gorgeous - I have some black wedge boots and they are so comfy!

    Sally x

  8. BARGAIN! love them they are amazing xx

  9. i love mine too, i can't think of ever loving a pair of heels any more, x

  10. I've just recently started also falling in love with wedges. Slight problem as the zips in my really simular looking black wedges (got them from new look?) are ALWAYS falling down. Do yours do the same or have i maybe got a dodgey pair? None of my friends wear wedges to ask!

  11. Hey Mikayla! Not sure if you'll get this (and I couldn't find an email or anything) but my wedges don't fall down at all. The zips are at the inside of the shoe and the material is really sturdy. Mines were from New Look. That's such a shame about yours :( xx